About 8 Zone Alarm System


About 8 Zone Alarm System

An 8 zone alarm system concludes a Smoke alarm zone, Gas alarm zone, Door sensor zone, Manual alarm zone, and other four custom defense zones. We can custom the four custom defense zones by connecting to certain zone triggers like an infrared probe, window magnetic, etc. In alarm terminology, a zone is a slot on the home automation control panel for connecting and controlling a sensor. An 8 zone alarm panel can handle up to 8 detectors.

Home automation control panel with 8 zone interfaces

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Besides 8 zone alarm system, 6 or 16 zone alarm system is also popular system. The most basic feature of an alarm host is the defense zones connecting to the alarm controller. The zones are also the connection ports between the front-end detector and the alarm control host. A zone is the smallest space unit that can distinguish the alarm events. The alarm controller judges whether to start an alarm by detecting the resistance value of the zone loop.

Generally speaking, each defense zone of a 8 zone alarm system is connected to a small motherboard with an IP address. It’s basically a defense zone module. We can connect 8 zone modules together by a wire to make it a multi-zone module.

An Intelligent Video Analysis-Alarm Linkage Module has 8 video input terminals, which can be connected to 8 wired defense zones or 8 wireless defense zones to detect 8 defense positions. Each video input end connects to a distribution output end, which can be used to connect other video monitor equipment like a hard disk recorder.

Overall, an 8 zone alarm system is a security alarm system based on the Intelligent Video Analysis-Alarm Linkage Module. It’s a type of system mostly used in the fire protection industry and security industry. It is a modular security alarm system.

Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel X1 is a panel with 8 zone alarm interfaces