How does KNX works?


How does KNX works?

Firstly we need to know what’s KNX. Simply speaking, KNX is a world-standard communication protocol for smart home and building control. How does KNX works? In a KNX system, we can connect various smart home devices in a house like lighting, window, doorbell, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarm, water control, energy management, etc.

KNX connects different devices via one common language. It doesn’t matter if it is a sensor, motor, camera, or fireplace. As long as being connected to the same group address, the house KNX system knows where the device is, what can it do, and how to communicate with it instantly and remotely.

We can also connect a smart mirror in a KNX system or sync the software with smart home systems. If you have a fixed KNX gateway device, we can do the docking with the smart mirror. We are developing hardware and software fit for the KNX protocol for our smart home touchscreen control panel. A new version of the product with KNX will be released soon.

For a more specified introduction to KNX protocol, please read A Brief Introduction to KNX on the KNX website.