Say NO to dark spots on bathroom mirror


Say NO to dark spots on bathroom mirror. Nano coating mirror glass has excellent oxidation resistance.

How to prevent dark spots on bathroom mirror? Compared to fixing the spots periodically, an ultimate solution is to take advanced nano-coating mirror glass in the production process. This solution makes the mirror resist oxidation in moist and foggy bathrooms. Exactly speaking, it makes the mirror resist developing rusty spots on the edges or middle area of the backside.

All Vercon smart bathroom mirrors take nano-coating mirror glass. Below we are going to popularize some mirror know-how and reveal the secret of how our smart bathroom mirror resists dark spots:

Table of Contents 

1. Why bathroom mirror develops dark spots?

2. How Vercon smart bathroom mirror resist dark spots?

3. What test our smart mirrors endured?

5. Precautions for daily use

1. Why there are dark spots on bathroom mirror?

Basic know-how to the mirror effect: It’s a light reflection of the metal film (Silver or aluminum) on the mirror surface.

A lot of bathroom mirrors developed dark spots because of oxidation reaction to the metal film. As most of them were shaped from cutting, using it in a humid bathroom, water vapor can easily invade the mirror from the cutting edge. This will cause oxidative corrosion to the mirror surface, resulting in dark spots.

Generally, a bathroom mirror has two layers of structure:

  • Glass layer
  • Silver or aluminum metal film layer

How is a silver metal film produced? Putting sodium ammonium hydroxide and glucose (Glucose has a reducing ability) into silver nitrate solution. The silver ions will be reduced to metallic silver particles that deposit on the glass surface to produce a mirror surface. This reaction process is called “Silver Mirror Reaction”.

And How is an aluminum metal film produced? Putting mirror glass and aluminum in a vacuum. Evaporating the aluminum to get aluminum vapor at high temperatures. The aluminum vapor condenses on the glass surface to produce a mirror surface.

2. How Vercon smart bathroom mirror resists dark spots?

Vercon bathroom smart mirror is of triple-layers structure. The surface films were produced from the advanced coating process. Two coating layers (Bottom and surface) are adsorbed on the glass surface firmly. It is protected from water vapor in a humid environment. Oxidation resistance – That’s why we can say NO to dark spots on bathroom mirror.

A Vercon smart bathroom mirror has triple-layers:

  • Front layer – Nano coating
  • Middle layer – Ultra-clear glass of electronic grade
  • Back layer – Silk-printing ink

How nano-coating layer produces?

The layer is produced from “The Magnetron Sputtering” process. The process principle: Install target material (Si and Nb) on the cathode target of the magnetron coating line. Under the action of electric field and alternating magnetic field, accelerate the plasma in the Ar-O2 mixed gas to produce high-energy particles to bombard the target surface. Energy exchange occurs. Atoms escape to the glass surface from the source lattice. The feature of the process: Electrons movement is bound by a magnetic field. The mirror film is of high purity and good compactness.

How ink layer produces?

  • Step 1: Silk print low-temperature-ink layer with a high-density screen printing stencil.
  • Step 2: Attach the layer to the glass back by baking it in the oven, causing strong adsorption as the thickness of the layer reaches 20 microns or even higher.

3. What test have our smart mirrors endured?

In the production process, there is a strict test process to make sure no dark spots on bathroom mirror.

To the nano-coating layer:

  • Thermal Stability Test
  • Solvent Resistance Property Test 
  • Cross-cut Test
  • Abrasion Resistance Test
  • Hardness Test

To the ink layer:

  • Thermal Stability Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Abrasion Resistance Test
  • Temperature Environmental Test

4. Precautions for daily use of Vercon smart bathroom mirror:

If the mirror is accidentally stained with acidic or alkaline substances such as hydrogen peroxide, disinfectant, oxalic acid cleaner, washing powder, etc., please instantly clean it with water. Continuous exposing the mirror to corrosive chemicals would cause a fall off of the surface layers. Treat your smart bathroom mirror well – That’s a safeguard measure to resist dark spots on bathroom mirror. View our two types of Android smart bathroom mirrors: Back ambient light K series (Android 11 Backlit Smart Mirror), and Front ambient light S series (Smart Mirror TV Bathroom). The mirror material and machining technique refuse dark spots on bathroom mirror both.

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