Smart Mirror Capacitive Touch Screen


The smart mirror capacitive touch screen is a type of touch control display built-in smart mirror. It uses the conductive touch of a human finger or a specialized device for input.

A smart mirror capacitive touch screen works by using the human body’s current sensing. It can sense input from a finger or a stylus. It is a four-layer composite glass screen. There are a lot of technology introduction articles on the capacity touch screen (The introduction to Capacitive Touch Screen). Below we will focus on introducing the smart mirror capacity touch screen we are using.

What’s the superiority of Vercon smart mirror capacitive touch screen?

  • Specific touch screen solution covering wide size options spread from 8.4″ ~ 85″.
  • Fit for different application scenarios like Waterproof scenarios, Thick panel scenarios, and Heavy gloves scenarios.
  • Surface treatment on the cover glass: AF, AR, and AG.
Looking for Smart Mirror? Have a look at Vercon product list:

- Android 11 Backlit Smart Mirror

- Smart Mirror TV Bathroom

- Interactive Workout Mirror

Features of smart mirror capacitive touch screen

Fast response

  • Projected capacitive touch
  • Touch response time <3 ms
  • 3~5 ms faster than the common touch screen panel


  • True 10 points touch control
  • Touch life for each point – No less than 50 million times of touch
  • No drift and ghost point after 1st-time correction

Super slim

  • Super slim and super smooth
  • Fluent touch

Tempered glass cover

  • Hardness – Mohs hardness level 7
  • Scratch-resistant. Shockproof. Protection against electron radiation
  • Maintain a long life of the smart mirror capacitive touch screen under the protection of a solid glass cover

Structure of Smart Mirror Capacitive Touch Screen

Vercon smart mirror capacitive touch screen takes G+G structure. We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing G+G capacitive touch screens. Stable quality brings the ultra-clear LCD screen.

G+G structure

A comparison between G+G and G+F:

Capacity screenG+GG+F
UV resistanceHighLow
Temperature environmental resistanceHighLow
Manufacture technologyHighMiddle
PriceSlightly highMiddle

The performance of Smart Mirror Capacitive Touch Screen

  • FD Trinitron design

The capacitive touch screen has no surface grooves which is a big problem for Infrared Multi-touch screens. What’s more, the touch to the edge of a capacitive touch screen is still very sensitive.

  • Optical cement is applied

After a full lamination of optical cement, the capacitive touch screen is highly shockproof to avoid damage.

The shockproof performance raises 300% after applying optical cement. What’s more, the optical cement can protect the screen from moisture invasion. Naturally, there is no possibility of atomization and condensation.

Even if the cover lens is broken, it won’t splash but keep bonded status.

And, the optical cement raises the transmittance of the screen up to 400% in sunlight.

  • Support all main OS and Computer environment

Support iOS, Linux, Android, Windows, and Chrome.

Product parameters

(Cover glass + LOCA + ITO glass)
Appearance and colorBlack silk printing. Ultra clear glass
Response time≤ 3 ms
Touch accuracy<2.5 mm
Movement error<10%
DPI25 pixels per min
(Cover glass + LOCA + ITO glass)
TransmittanceBlack silk printing. Ultra clear glass
Glass haze≤ 3 ms
Input method<2.5 mm
Output type<10%
Certificate25 pixels per min
Power supplyUSB
Voltage DC 5V (±5%)
Current<200 MA
Temperature rangeWorking temperature: -20 °C ~ 70 °C
Storage temperature: -30 °C ~ 80 °C
Relative humidityWorking humidity – 45% ~ 85% PH (No coagulum)
Storage humidity – 45% ~ 85% PH (No coagulum)
Light resistanceFull angles
USB 2.0Scanning frequency200 HZ
Connector typeUSB A
VentsUSB D and USB C
Transmission speed12 Mbps
Signal+5V, D+, GND

Regular size of Capacitive Touch Screen:

Our Capacitive Touch Screens are widely applied in various fields like Commercial display, Smart home, Industry control, Medical, Finance, Military, etc. It’s a customizable product.

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