Vercon Mirror Smart Home Healthcare Partner


There is a useful function Smart Homehealth Care Partner for Vercon smart mirror

Smart Home Healthcare Partner is an important function for our smart bathroom mirrors and interactive workout mirrors. Be clear about your health condition and manage your diet, sports, sleeping… It seems to be very complicated to monitor it at home all by yourself. However, using our smart mirrors, you will find it extremely easy.

Smart Home Healthcare Partner is a simple but considerable function in Vercon smart mirror. There is a built-in healthcare software named Health Center in the mirror. Taking a few minutes to check in the morning wash time, you will be able to quickly know rough health conditions for yourself.

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The hardware and related built-in software

The device is based on Android OS and touchscreen technology. It’s a perfect replacement for a common mirror hung on the wall. It’s right for the smart and modern living style.

Apparently, nowadays we can use a lot of smart healthcare devices to monitor our health conditions regularly. No need to cost much more time and money to ask for a doctor’s help. Virtually, the healthcare function is only one function of the Vercon smart mirror. More smart home apps are integrated.

Exactly speaking, the function of Smart Home Healthcare Partner is provided by several healthcare apps. And, users need to connect the mirror to other personal home care devices like the Body Fat Scale, Skin Analyzer and Smart Wristband, etc. The devices can be quickly connected with Bluetooth.

Smart Home Healthcare Partner. Vercon mirror and the Skin Analyzer
Smart Home Healthcare Partner. Vercon mirror and the Skin Analyzer

Take connecting the mirror to the Body Fat Scale for instance, standing on the latter one, you can view all health data monitored for yourself on the built-in-mirror LCD screen. The mirror can visualize all of your body data in reports on the mirror screen, including body weight, BMI, muscle rate, body fat rate, protein rate, bone rate, water content, water-oil balance and skin firmness, etc. It records these health data for you every day and gives a suggestion for daily diets and sports.

Smart Home Healthcare Partner. Vercon mirror and the Body Fat Scale
Smart Home Healthcare Partner. Vercon mirror and the Body Fat Scale

It’s a multi-user device for the function of Smart Home Healthcare Partner

The smart mirror allows multi-user use. All family members can build their own health database in the mirror. The body data can be recorded under different names for a separate view.

However, the device can’t replace medical devices to detect health. Hence, the data in the report is for reference to wellness and fitness. Not suitable for diagnosis or medical use. But, it can indeed push you to pay more attention to your health condition and make available improvements in diet and behavior.

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