Vercon Showed Smart Home Mirror In ISH 2023

Vercon Showed Smart Home Mirror In ISH 2023
Vercon Showed Smart Home Mirror In ISH 2023

Smart Home Mirror

Vercon Showed Smart Home Mirror In ISH Frankfurt 2023 (March 13~17). At the expo, we strongly felt that the needings for smart home products are still big, although most European countries are suffering inflation originating from the Russia-Ukraine war. In my opinion, good technology makes life better. Good technology generally means really innovative and user-friendly technology and products. Since the presentation of our 1st generation of magic mirrors in 2013, Vercon smart mirrors were developed into 6 main product series listed below:


In another hand, we are developing new product categories including Ad player smart mirror. They are supposed to be shown at other international expos in the future. Moreover, we are digging out more potential for flexibly customizing smart home mirrorS to meet various distinctive needs.

Let’s pull back to Vercon’s ISH 2023:

The display of several smart mirrors at the expo was especially impressive. It’s clear that the smart mirrors industry is rapidly growing. Around 900 exhibitors were showing their latest products within the framework of ISH Water in Halls 1 to 6. Through on-the-spot conversations and surveys, we can more or less know the latest trends in smart home mirror and related innovations.

Vercon smart home mirror can give you up-to-date information on the weather, time, calendar and temperature…Users can choose to listen to their favorite music via Spotify. A lot of amazing functions to improve your life quality!

Android 11 Backlit Smart Bathroom Mirror – The item K1580

The device is so smart and useful that you will like it. It would be the 1st touch device when you start a day in the morning. It would also be the last touch device when you relax in the tub after a long day. It takes auto-defog technology. You can still see a bright environment in the mirror while taking a hot show.

Smart mirror ISH Frankfurt 2023

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