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VERCON wins the Smart Mirror Dubai Tower Jumeirah Smart Residential Condos Project

Smart Mirror Dubai Project For Jumeirah Smart Residential Condos


OTA Firmware Updates for Vercon Smart Mirrors

The Jumeirah Smart Residential Condos is a typical smart mirror project for Vercon Technology 2023 in Dubai. Recently, along with the Overseas Marketing team, Mr. Tim – the Overseas Sales Director from Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Ltd., embarked on a successful customer visit trip in Dubai. During the visit, we received unanimous praise from numerous Dubai clients and managed to secure the Dubai Jumeirah Smart Residence project.

On July 16th, the Vercon team showcased the latest samples of the “S” and “K” series of smart bathroom mirrors during their meetings with influential clients in Dubai, including smart home solution providers, top real estate developers, renowned sanitary retail chains and building material suppliers.

Why Vercon smart mirrors?

Why do Vercon smart mirrors fit the Jumeirah Smart Residential Condos project?

The “S” series of smart mirrors boasts a full-alloy frame, a 21.5-inch touchscreen, and two built-in HiFi speakers. The mirror operates on the Android 11 system and supports popular mainstream smart apps like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, and Facebook.

The “K” series of smart mirrors features with Frameless design & Optional touchscreen LCD display (10.1 or 21.5 inches). As a fundamental factory service, Vercon provides support for customization of various sizes based on the Android 11 system.

More features of the above product series:

As the most perfect embodiment of smart homes, the smart mirror naturally transforms traditional bathroom mirrors into screen displays that connect to the Internet, adding more intelligence and online functions to bathroom mirrors.

When the screen is off, it functions as a traditional bathroom mirror with LED lighting that allows for unlimited adjustments of brightness and color temperature, as well as automatic defogging and IP65 waterproof capabilities.

When you touch the screen, it automatically lights up, presenting a wealth of content, including:

[icon name=”chevron-right” prefix=”fas”] Calendar reminders

[icon name=”chevron-right” prefix=”fas”] Entertainment and multimedia functions

[icon name=”chevron-right” prefix=”fas”] Health and fitness monitoring functions

[icon name=”chevron-right” prefix=”fas”] Space beautification functions

[icon name=”chevron-right” prefix=”fas”] Smart home control functions

A strategy collaboration with the largest Dubai local sanitary brand SANIPEX – For Jumeirah Smart Residential Condos

During the visit, the largest local sanitary brand in Dubai, SANIPEX, gave high praise to Vercon smart mirrors. They recognized it as the most innovative and promising product they have seen in recent years, holding significant potential to drive advancements in the sanitary industry.

Actually, SANIPEX has already established a preliminary cooperation framework with Vercon and plans to introduce the Vercon SMART MIRROR series products in the 2023-2024 period, creating a series of mirrors that align with their product positioning.

The Sanipex Barsha Showroom
smart mirror dubai retailer
The Sanipex Barsha Showroom

For Vercon Technology, the cooperation with SANIPEX is a typical collaboration with the traditional sanitary industry.

A refreshed cooperation with MAG Group on a larger scale

In the highly competitive real estate industry of Dubai, where people’s aesthetics and demands for living spaces are continually evolving due to the influx of high-quality products from various developers, differentiation and value addition have become crucial for enhancing the core competitiveness and overall charm of projects. As the current trend indicates, more and more developers are focusing on quality and wholeheartedly crafting excellent products. Empowering these developments with technology undoubtedly becomes the main battleground for competition.

As a leading real estate developer in Dubai, MAG GROUP has long been introducing cutting-edge technology products, each dedicated to health and comfort, to create high-quality homes and communities that strike a balance in five dimensions: health, comfort, energy-saving, environmental protection, and intelligence. These spaces are enriched by the integration of technological elements.

MAG GROUP the leading real estate developer in Dubai
MAG GROUP the leading real estate developer in Dubai

During the MAG Group meeting, we provided a comprehensive introduction to Vercon’s corporate development history, industry background, current status, and future vision, along with an in-depth presentation of Vercon SMART MIRROR products. As China’s largest manufacturer of smart mirrors, MAG expressed full recognition and appreciation for VERCON’s products, praising them as the most advanced and reliable representatives among similar products in the market.

We emphasized Vercon’s technological advantages and innovation in the smart mirror industry during the presentation. These technical features position Vercon smart mirrors at the forefront in terms of user experience, functionality, and design. Additionally, we highlighted our unwavering pursuit of product quality and reliability, as well as our strong commitment to user privacy and data security.

MAG group showed a strong interest in Vercon’s new products and expressed willingness to explore further cooperation opportunities in the smart mirror field. They believe that Vercon’s smart mirror has significant potential to meet consumer demands and lead the market, making it an important representative brand in the future smart home industry.

We are deeply honored and gratified by MAG group’s recognition and approval. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services to make even greater contributions to the development of the smart home industry. Through our collaborative efforts, we believe that we can jointly promote the advancement of the smart mirror market and provide consumers with more intelligent and convenient living experiences.

On the same day, MAG Group and Vercon signed a cooperation contract for the MBL ROYAL Apartment project in Jumeirah. The first batch of smart mirrors will be delivered starting at the end of 2023. Additionally, the two parties have clearly defined the direction and goals of future cooperation within the framework. They plan to deepen the collaboration in the 2024 period to promote the expansion and sales of smart mirrors in Dubai and other markets. We firmly believe that through this collaboration, we will bring more convenience and high-quality product experiences to consumers, enhancing the technological level and user satisfaction in the sanitary industry.

Motivated by the Jumeirah Smart Residential Condos project – MOVE FORWARD & PRODUCE BETTER PRODUCTS

Moving forward, we will continuously strengthen communication and cooperation to ensure the smooth progress and achievement of smart mirror project in Dubai results.

We look forward to jointly creating a new chapter of a wonderful collaboration with our partners around the world, bringing consumers more beautiful experiences of smart living.

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