As an expert of smart mirror, besides manufacturing core components and assembling smart mirrors, Vercon also provides complete solutions for hardware customization, software testing, and installation.

Vercon started to produce Capacitive Touch Screen of Industrial Grade earlier in 2011. Smart Mirrors became our star consumer products after a smooth blending of hardware and Interactive Technology in our factory…. LEARN MORE ABOUT VERCON

Nano coating mirror

How to prevent dark spots on bathroom mirror? Compared to fixing the spots periodically, an ultimate solution is to take advanced nano coating mirror glass in the production process.

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Smooth Touch

A smooth operating system is a key influential factor in raising user experience. Vercon has mature solutions to this.

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Dedicated System

We produce and supply out-of-the-box smart mirrors configurated with dedicated motherboard and Android-based OS.

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Client APP installation

Client APP testing and installation is a part of Vercon OEM and ODM solutions.


Expert of Smart Mirror

Use Specialized Smart Bathroom Mirror, Avoid Paying For Costly White Elephant

USE A SPECIALIZED SMART BATHROOM MIRROR. A lot of consumers are paying for a costly white elephant. However, Vercon’s specialized smart bathroom mirrors are very useful products. There are three crucial factors for designing a smart bathroom mirror and manufacturing batches of finished products:

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