Smart Dressing Mirror

The Vercon Smart Dressing Mirror combines sleek aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, offering personalized outfit suggestions, virtual try-ons, and real-time fashion updates to revolutionize the way you dress.

The Magic Mirror For Smart Dressing

This is an all-in-one smart dressing mirror that combines beauty lighting, outfit learning, trend matching, shopping, and wardrobe management.

While ensuring clear and natural mirror imaging, it includes three adjustable light sources: cool white, warm white, and natural light. These help users create different lighting effects and atmospheres.

Paired with its unique smart outfit-matching capability, it aims to provide users with an incredible dressing experience.

dressing smart mirror

Are you also troubled by these issues?

Wanna dressing better ?

dressing better smart mirror

Managing your wardrobe easily?

managing your wardrobe mirror

Or overcoming challenges related to clothing choices

Smarti mirror overcoming challenges related to clothing choices

We Help Your dressing more manageable and enjoyable.

Introduction of VERCON Smart Dressing Mirror

The smart dressing mirror supports facial recognition, voice control, and gesture recognition to capture "smart photos".

It records daily outfit combinations through clothing photoshoots, serving as your personal wardrobe smart steward.

Most importantly, the smart dressing mirror can also provide quick matching and offer personalized fashion styling tutorials, allowing you, the beauty enthusiast, to have an intelligent image management expert and instantly transform into a fashionista.

mirror Wardrobe Wardrobe

Benefits of Mirror with Smart Dressing Functions

Enhance Dressing Experience mirror

Enhanced Dressing Experience

By providing personalized outfit suggestions and virtual try-on capabilities, a smart dressing mirror can make the process of choosing clothes easier and more enjoyable.

VR Smart Dressing Mirror with VR

Virtual Try-On Dressing Mirror:

  • Using augmented reality (AR) technology, users can try on different clothes in front of the mirror and see the matching effect in real time.
  • Smart Recommendations: Recommends suitable trendy items based on the user's dressing history and preferences.
Wardrobe Management mirror

Wardrobe Management:

  • Digital Wardrobe: Users can take pictures and upload their clothes, and the system will automatically organize and categorize them for easy viewing and matching.
  • Outfit Records: Keeps a record of daily outfits, helping users understand their dressing habits and providing suggestions for improvement.
smart mirror Shopping Function

Smart Shopping Function:

    • Online Purchase: Direct links to major fashion brands and e-commerce platforms, allowing users to purchase desired clothing with one click.
    • Discount Alerts: Provides discount information and coupons, offering users a more cost-effective shopping experience.
Our Projects:
  • Home
  • Retail Store
  • Fashion Boutique
  • Beauty Salons and Spa
  • Event Venues
  • Workplace
  • Fashion Shows
  • Hospitality Industry
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smart dressing mirror project

The Future of Smart Dressing Mirrors

The smart dressing mirror futureCurrently, we are targeting our core consumer group of women aged 18-30.

For instance, consider the young professionals who have just graduated from university and moved into their first rented apartment.

Generally, there aren't many full-length dressing mirrors provided in rental accommodations, making this demographic's demand quite significant and worth fulfilling.

Additionally, elite female white-collar workers at the age of 25, who have recently acquired their first homes, wouldn't want their new residences to lack mirrors.

Therefore, there is a considerable demand for smart dressing mirrors within these user groups.

Our core capability lies in helping users record their outfits and then utilizing this data to assist them.

By analyzing users' existing clothing, we can make our clothing and styling recommendations more precise, thereby providing a foundation for cooperation with e-commerce channels and offline stores.

In the future, we may also collaborate with unique and distinctive clothing designers/studios to sell their exclusive products within our community.

smart dressing mirror