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Smart Cabinet Mirror Project -Guangzhou

As a key supporting project for talent attraction and investment promotion in Guangzhou City, this project aims to meet the supporting needs of key high-tech enterprises in the Tianhe High-Tech Zone.

The community will have various supporting facilities such as residential areas, kindergartens, commercial centers, hotels, etc. The future plan is to create a new benchmark for long-term rental apartments that integrate living, leisure, and business services.

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Smart Hotel Mirror Project-Wuhan

As a key supporting project for talent attraction, and investment promotion in Hubei Province and Wuhan City, this project will serve the supporting needs of key high-tech enterprises in Donghu High-tech Zone.

The community will include residential areas, kindergartens, commercial facilities, hotels, and other supporting amenities. In the future, it will be developed into a new benchmark for long-term rental apartments in our city, integrating living, leisure, and business functions.

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Smart Mirror Project -Foshan

It integrates intelligent guest rooms, a modern high-end intelligent banquet city, business conferences, and other functions, demonstrating the new trends in the development of the contemporary hotel industry. Drawing on the concepts and trends of cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, while also taking into account local realities, this approach can maintain its avant-garde high-end while meeting the needs of the local market, which is very wise. By fully integrating high-tech intelligence, achieving intelligent operation management, intelligent guest control systems, AI intelligent voice services, etc., it will provide guests with a more convenient and comfortable experience.

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Smart Mirror Tower -Singapore

The Bang E Digital Smart Park is the first commercial park in Lion City to adopt a smart town management platform.

It gathers a cluster of digital and cybersecurity industries, including artificial intelligence and data analysis, playing a pivotal role in shaping the North Coast Innovation Corridor of Singapore.

Tesslink will assist the Bang E Digital Smart Park in establishing a benchmark pilot for a "low-carbon digital city" through AIoT technology. By customizing unified digital management interfaces, integrating terminals, and applying the TacOS city-level operating system, it achieves automatic response and handling of emergencies, as well as digital derivation to form intelligent solutions.

It covers comprehensive low-carbon management at the energy end in four major scenarios: buildings, communities, parks, and cities, accelerating the digital transformation process toward green, low-carbon cities.

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