Smart Mirror Solutions

Smart Mirror is the perfect solution for smart homes, hotels and properties, Healthcare & Medical. More than that it has huge potential in the Consumer & New Retail field.

smart mirror solutions for homes

Smart Mirror Solutions For Homes

Smart mirrors are innovative devices that integrate reflective surfaces with digital displays and various smart technologies. They significantly contribute to smart homes by enhancing convenience, functionality, and efficiency.

Smart Mirror Solutions For Hospitality

Smart mirrors are increasingly being integrated into the hospitality industry, enhancing guest experiences and operational efficiency in several innovative ways.

smart mirror solutions for hotels
Vercon Smart Fitness Mirror

Smart Mirror Solutions For Healthcare

Smart mirrors are increasingly being integrated into the healthcare sector, offering numerous benefits that enhance patient care, personal healthcare, and fitness, to improve overall health outcomes.

All of our service levels include

Design and Engineering Support

  • Custom Design Services: Working with clients to create unique designs tailored to their specifications.
  • Prototyping: Developing prototypes to refine designs and ensure they meet the client's requirements.
  • CAD Services: Providing computer-aided design (CAD) services to create detailed 3D models and technical drawings.

Consultation and Project Management

  • Custom Project Management: Offering dedicated project management services to oversee the entire customization process from design to delivery.
  • Consultation Services: Providing expert consultation to help clients make informed decisions about customization options and processes.

Material Selection

  • Custom Material Sourcing: Assisting clients in selecting and sourcing specific materials that meet their aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Material Testing: Conducting tests to ensure materials meet required standards and specifications.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Custom Molding and Casting: Offering specialized molding and casting processes to create unique shapes and designs.
  • Precision Machining: Providing precision machining services for intricate and detailed parts.
  • Custom Tooling: Designing and creating custom tools and molds to produce unique products.

Assembly and Integration

  • Custom Assembly: Providing assembly services tailored to the client’s specific product requirements.
  • Integration of Components: Integrating various components or subsystems into the final product as per client specifications.

Quality Control and Testing

  • Custom Testing Protocols: Developing and implementing testing protocols specific to the customized products to ensure quality and performance.
  • Certification Support: Assisting in obtaining necessary certifications and compliance with industry standards.

Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics and Shipping: Offering tailored logistics solutions to ensure timely and efficient delivery of customized products.
  • Inventory Management: Providing inventory management services to support custom orders and reduce lead times.

After-Sales Support

  • Warranty Services: Offering custom warranty options based on the client’s needs.
  • Technical Support: Providing ongoing technical support and troubleshooting for customized products.

Case studies

In the past 6 years, Vercon Technology has successfully provided all kinds of smart mirror solutions to the global market. Including luxury property developers, luxury hotels, smart towers and fitness studios, and healthcare centers.

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What Our Famous Clients Say About Us

As a property designer, I believe smart mirrors are a game-changer, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with elegant design to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of modern homes and commercial spaces.

designer of smart mirror

Angelica Lucia
Chief Designer of Property Project in UAE

I am excited about the potential of smart mirrors to revolutionize our product line, offering consumers an innovative blend of functionality, personalization, and modern design. We see this huge opportunity and we are definitely join this game in 2024!

smart mirror business man

Philip Geroge
Chief Product Manager of Top 500 companies.

I love it, still can't believe how smart mirrors make my daily routine more efficient and interactive, turning something as simple as getting ready into a high-tech experience.

smart mirror business man

Naadiya Mohamed 
Fashion Influencer of YouTube

Smart mirrors as a fantastic addition to our product lineup, offering customers advanced features that enhance both their bathroom experience and the overall value of their homes.

Fahad A.Al Mohammed
Importer Manager of Top Sanitary KSA

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