Definition of smart mirrors

The Innovative Smart Mirror

Departing from traditional notions, this visionary device revolutionizes the ordinary mirror, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology to redefine daily routines.

With features such as real-time weather updates, personalized information displays, virtual try-on capabilities, and intuitive touch controls, the innovative smart mirror represents a harmonious fusion of functionality and elegance.

Experience a new dimension of interactivity as your reflection becomes a gateway to a world of convenience and connectivity. Welcome to a future where innovation meets reflection in the innovative smart mirror.

Features of Vercon Smart Innovative Mirrors

touch screen for smart mirrorInteractive Screen

Touch screens provide an intuitive interface for users to interact with the magic mirrors. By simply tapping or swiping on the screen, users can access various features, settings, and applications, making navigation effortless and user-friendly.

Available Size:8" / 10.1" / 13.6"/15.6"/21.5"...

connective of smart mirrorsWiFi & Bluetooth Connectivity

Connectivity is a fundamental aspect of smart mirroring, enabling seamless integration with smart devices, access to real-time information, remote management capabilities, and personalized experiences. By leveraging connectivity, smart mirrors enhance convenience, functionality, and user engagement, transforming everyday reflections into interactive and interconnected experiences.

Smart Operation System

Android provides access to a vast ecosystem of applications through the Google Play Store, offering a wide range of software solutions tailored to various needs and preferences. Smart mirror displays running on the Android platform can leverage this extensive library of apps to enhance functionality, whether for productivity, entertainment, fitness, or customization.

Various Smart Applications

Smart Apps significantly contribute to the effectiveness of smart mirrors by expanding functionality, providing personalized information, facilitating virtual try-on experiences, promoting health and wellness tracking, enabling smart home integration, offering entertainment and multimedia options, and providing productivity tools. Enhances convenience, connectivity, and enjoyment in modern living spaces.


Looking for a Smart Mirror or Supplier?

Indeed, everyone desires to own a magic mirror, especially during remodeling. However, as this is a new product in an emerging market, reliable suppliers and dependable products are crucial.

Vercon has been Ensuring Reliability Every Step of the Way

  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Proven Track Record
  • Transparent Communication
  • Professional & On Time Delivery
  • Reliable Support and Service


Smart Mirrors Application

Smart Mirror for Bathroom and Sanitary

smart bathroom mirror enhances the bath space by providing customized lighting, integrated displays for accessing information, voice activation for hands-free control, health monitoring capabilities, virtual try-on features, fog-free technology, energy efficiency, and personalized settings.

smart mirror
smart bathroom mirror 500

Smart Mirrors for Beauty and Makeup, Cosmetic

By offering features such as adjustable lighting for precise application, virtual try-on capabilities to experiment with different looks, skin analysis for personalized skincare recommendations, and integrated tutorials for learning new techniques, all of which enhance the user's grooming experience and confidence.

Smart Makeup Mirror
VR tryon smart beauty mirror

Smart Mirrors for Fitness, workout.

By offering interactive and personalized experiences, including live or on-demand workout classes with professional instructors, real-time performance tracking and feedback, tailored exercise routines based on individual goals and fitness levels, integration with wearable devices for seamless data synchronization, and immersive visuals to keep users motivated and engaged, ultimately transforming home fitness into a dynamic and effective training experience.

smart mirror for fitness workout

Our Clients Speak For Us

As a property designer, I believe Vercon smart mirrors are a game-changer, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with elegant design to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of modern homes and commercial spaces.

designer of smart mirror

Angelica Lucia
Chief Designer of Property Project in UAE

I am excited about the potential of Vercon smart mirrors to revolutionize our product line, offering consumers an innovative blend of functionality, personalization, and modern design. We see this huge opportunity and we will definitely join this game in 2024!

smart mirror business man

Philip Geroge
Chief Product Manager of Top 500 companies.

I love it, still can't believe how Vercon smart mirrors make my daily routine more efficient and interactive, turning something as simple as getting ready into a high-tech experience.

smart mirror business man

Naadiya Mohamed 
Fashion Influencer of YouTube

Vercon Smart mirrors as a fantastic addition to our product lineup, offering customers advanced features that enhance both their bathroom experience and the overall value of their homes.

Fahad A.Al Mohammed
Importer Manager of Top Sanitary KSA

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