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With the rapid cutting-edge technology and the increasingly diverse demands of consumers. Smart hospitality is becoming an inevitable trend in the development of the hospitality industry.

Smart hospitality is becoming the inevitable choice for the industry's development. By integrating advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and artificial intelligence (AI). Smart hotels achieve a comprehensive intelligent upgrade of hotel services.

The smart mirror for Hospitality technologies enhances the guest accommodation experience. It reduces hotel operating costs and brings innovative development opportunities to the hotel industry.

In the future, with continuous technological progress and application, smart hospitality will continue to lead the hotel industry toward a brighter future.

Smart Mirror For Hospitality Industries

smart hotel hospitality

Hotel & Resorts

Smart salon hospitality

Barber & Beauty Salons

Smart public Area hospitality

Public Places

Fitness Studio

What Can Smart Mirror Contribute To Hotel and Resort

smart mirror for hospitality greeting

Personalized Staying Experience

The smart mirror can provide travelers with various useful information. Such as weather forecasts, news updates, traffic conditions, and more, helping them to better arrange their itineraries.

In addition, the smart mirror also sends messages on the screen, think about that while guest walks into their room. While the mirror with their name and welcome greeting displays on the screen, what a great surprise for them!

VR hotel service hospitality

The AR Hospitality Service

The smart mirror offers various intelligent features such as voice interaction, touchscreen operation, and environmental information display, enhancing the hotel's technological ambiance and elevating its level of smart capabilities.

The smart mirror can display real-time information about the services and facilities offered by the hotel, helping travelers better understand the hotel's offerings.

Additionally, the smart mirror can record travelers' preferences and needs, providing a basis for the hotel to deliver personalized services.

Hotel Facilities hospitality

No-show Hotel Service

In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, the hotel industry is gradually embracing automation technology to improve efficiency, reduce increasingly high labor costs, and strive to offer more personalized services to guests.

Currently, technology has successfully addressed the issues of guest check-in and check-out at hotel front desks. Through self-service kiosks, mobile applications, and smart locks, guests can check in and out quickly and conveniently. Additionally, the control of smart devices within rooms, such as intelligent lighting, temperature regulation, and entertainment systems, has gradually become standard in modern hotels.

In other words, technology in these two specific areas has matured significantly.

saving hotel costing

Saving Operation Costing

Smart mirror can effectively monitor and manage the hotel in an all-round way through intelligent facilities. This management method is not limited to the macro level of the hotel, but is refined to every guest room, achieving a truly intelligent and energy-saving management.
With the support of big data technology, the smart mirror hospitality solution can conduct in-depth analysis of hotel energy consumption. Through real-time data monitoring and artificial intelligence algorithms, the system can predict energy consumption needs and provide corresponding optimization suggestions, thereby significantly reducing hotel operating costs.

Smart Mirror For Barber and Beauty Salon


Multimedia Salon Smart Mirror

Do you feel bored while at a beauty or barber salon? let's find some interesting content on the mirror.

When we enjoy the services of the hair stylist, we can use the remote control to select our favorite movies, TV series, or the latest fashion information on the smart hair mirror, as well as various mini-games. We no longer have to worry about being bored and suffering during haircuts and styling.

Not only that, we can also use the smart hair magic mirror to learn the basics of hairdressing and how to maintain our hair!



VR smart barber mirror

AR Fit-on Smart Mirror

Could not decide which hairstyle matches you? We have the smart mirror solution for you now.

Instead of a "magic mirror", it should be a "high-tech smart mirror". Customers can simply sit in front of the mirror and take a photo of their face, and the mirror can generate various hairstyle images based on the customer's photo through AI intelligent technology.
There are various hairstyles and hair colors to choose from in the mirror. Depending on the customer's needs, details such as the length of the bangs (whether it's a short cut or a much longer one), the amount of hair and the curl at the end of the hair can be adjusted, as well as the brightness of the hair color.

This allows customers to choose the hairstyle that best suits them and also allows the hairdresser to better understand the desired effect.