Why Today’s Hotel Needs A Smart Hotel Mirror?

What is a Smart Hotel?

Smart hotels are hotels with smart systems, smart devices, and smart management.

Smart Hotel is an information network system centered on new communication technologies and computer intelligence information processing. More than that the broadband interactive multimedia network technology.

It can provide consumers with thoughtful, convenient, comfortable, and satisfactory services. All these meet their needs for personalized and information-based services. They are the direction of hotel industry development in the new economic era of the 21st century.

The Content of Smart Hotel:

smart mirror hotel

Smart Internal Hotel Management

The internal management here refers to the processing of operational data and personnel management within the hotel. For example, daily business data and financial numbers analysis within the hotel. Meanwhile, the employee salary and cost accounting, and employee reward system accounting. The current intelligence of hotel internal management is often reflected in the processing capabilities of the hotel management system software platform.

Smart Customer Service and Solutions

Customer service management here refers to the management of all services. Guests can enjoy during their stay in the hotel.

Using room control systems such as Shenzhen Houhe, when guests make reservations through the INTERNET network or phone. The hotel completes the scheduled reservation of the room through the remote booking system. Then prepares for the guest’s special preferences in a timely manner, waiting for their arrival;

When guests arrive hotel lobby, they only need to present their ID card to immediately check into the hotel’s pre-booked rooms; Arriving at the door of the guest room, you can use your ID card or pre-membership card to open the electronic door lock;

Open the door of the guest room, and the corridor light in the room will automatically light up. The guest will insert the card into the power switch. The room will select the corresponding soft night mode according to the guest’s check-in time, as it is evening.

The bedside light turns on, the small table light, the TV will automatically turn on, and background music will play. The guest is enjoying the shower, and then lightly touches the touch switch on the bedside to select sleep mode. The night light in the corridor will turn on, and other lights will also turn off along with the guest;

The pleasant check-in time has ended, and the guest arrived at the lobby, swiped their membership card, and automatically deducted the fee from the card. The guest signed their name on the bill and walked out of the hotel.

Smart Advertisements For Hotels

This means that in addition to printing traditional advertising, TV advertising and media publicity. The hotel has established its website, and through the Internet, its own advertising has reached the position required by all hotel advertising around the world. Thus establishing a self-promotion and wide publicity Internet advertising intelligent channel for itself.

Every time a guest who wants to check in opens a website and sees the interior decoration of the hotel, he is very satisfied. He gladly enters the reservation information on the hotel website, pays the diamond membership fee of the hotel through online banking. He or She selects a membership card number that he likes.

At this time, the hotel has received information from the front desk, and learned that a distinguished guest has ordered a diamond membership card through Internet payment. Next, what awaits the guests is the hotel’s intimate service

What’s is Smart Hotel Mirror?

The hotel smart mirror is new technology of intelligent mirror integrating advanced artificial intelligence technology and Internet functions. Hotel smart mirrors can be used in hotel rooms, lobbies, and conference rooms, providing guests with more convenient and intelligent services and experiences.

smart mirror for hotel

What can smart hotel mirror do ?

The hotel’s intelligent magic mirror can update real-time weather, transportation, restaurant and other information. It’s saving guests the time to search for information on travel websites and providing convenience for travel. At the same time, smart mirrors can also use speech recognition technology to quickly answer customer questions and provide them with convenient services.

Hotel smart mirrors can also help hotel employees better manage guest rooms and meeting rooms. For example, when guests need to extend their stay, the smart mirror can automatically update the room status, reducing manual errors. At the same time, it can also remind employees that guest rooms need to be cleaned or repaired. All these to improve the overall efficiency of the hotel’s work.

Finally, the hotel’s smart magic mirror can also increase revenue for the hotel. For example, guests can use smart mirrors to book restaurants Extra services such as SPA will bring more revenue to the hotel. At the same time, smart mirrors can also provide a basis for hotel precision marketing and improve hotel revenue by collecting user data.

What Can Smart Hotel Mirror Contribute to the Hotel Industry

Improve service level and provide more humane services

Strengthen information communication between guests and the hotel, so that guests’ needs can be transmitted to the hotel promptly. To enable the hotel to respond quickly;

During the period from check-in to departure, the guest’s private space will be fully protected from unnecessary disturbance. So as to the guest may not even be able to see the waiter.

However, every time they go out and return, the room is clean and orderly, they can feel constantly being “watched”.

Shadow-style services are everywhere; The intelligent air conditioning automatic control function always provides customers with a comfortable air environment. The lighting scene function can provide guests with a warm and welcoming feeling at home. Through the check-out function, when the guest presses the check-out button in the room and has not yet gone to the front desk to complete the check-out procedures, the service staff will be notified to inspect the room, and after completion, the bill will be printed. The time for the guest to go downstairs to check out will be reduced to the shortest.

Strengthen internal management and eliminate management loopholes

The management center can see the actual operation status of each guest room at any time. They respond promptly to abnormal guest rooms, supervise and eliminate some violations by internal personnel

Enhance hotel safety

When there is no one in the room during the day, if the door remains open for a certain period, the smart room center will automatically remind the service personnel to inspect the room. After guests check in at night, they may forget to lock or not lock the door properly. The waiter can remind the guests to improve their service and safety; Promptly remind and check if the safe status is abnormal when the guest room is in rental status;

energy conservation and investment savings

Intelligent power switch, capable of identifying illegal cards, achieving true energy-saving; Based on saving 2 kWh of electricity per room per day, with an 80% occupancy rate, one room per year can save nearly 600 yuan. The room preset function mentioned above, if completed through building automation systems or air conditioning systems, requires a significant investment. If an intelligent room control system is adopted, it can greatly save investment costs.

Save manpower and improve work efficiency

Due to being able to handle various needs and provide various services in the housing management center, it saves floor inspection personnel and greatly improves work efficiency; Due to the system’s ability to automatically generate various room statuses and corresponding reports, it saves personnel who previously specialized in producing various reports. Automatic conversion of room status, saving workload for the housing management center and front desk staff.


In conclusion, hotel smart mirrors are a forward-looking intelligent device that can improve guest experience, improve work efficiency, and increase hotel revenue. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, it is believed that the application of intelligent magic mirrors in hotels will become increasingly widespread in the future.


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