Bathroom Mirror Technology Innovations


Motivated by the development of chipsets and software, there are big bathroom mirror technology innovations in recent years

The bathroom mirror technology innovations make our life colorful. It is a phenomenon of updating iterations of the sanitary ware products industry.

Sanitary ware brands and sanitary ware products are in full bloom, and the display mainly presents the trends of sceneization, intelligence, health and safety, personalization and sustainability.

Vercon smart mirror combined with nano-coating mirror, LED light, LCD display, touch screen and other hardware. Till 2023, we developed various series of Android interactive smart mirrors. Compared to similar products, they are produced with more functions, higher quality and much better user experience. Virtually speaking, from the design end, we deeply explored a lot to higher user experiences and functionality. In recent 5 years, supported by stronger R&D ability, Vercon researched a lot on designing and producing better product appearance, better volume, better software of health management and higher energy efficiency.

We can see the development of the bathroom mirror from the below comparisons:

The technological motivations for it?

The answer is software and hardware based on IoT technology innovations. IoT technology is pushing bathroom mirror technology innovations.

IoT indeed changed a lot of things including home appliances and home decoration. It’s a trend that some innovative smart home appliances are playing an important role in home decoration.

According to our market survey in 2022, users were paying more attention to the integration of home appliances and the adaptability of home decoration styles. Smart mirrors are being used in different home scenes like the bathroom, living room, kitchen and porch. The bathroom is a typical place for installing a smart mirror. Till now, Vercon developed two series of smart bathroom mirrors listed below:

The “K” series of smart bathroom mirrors ( Android 11 Backlit Smart Bathroom Mirror )

The “S” series of smart bathroom mirrors ( Smart Mirror TV Bathroom )