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Vercon Smart Mirror Introduction:

Welcome to Vercon Smart Mirror Factory, your gateway to innovation and sophistication in smart mirrors. Based in Guangzhou High-tech Development Zone since 2011, we lead the way in combining Interactive Technology with cutting-edge hardware design.

From industrial-grade Capacitive Touch Screens to the groundbreaking ‘Magic Mirror‘ in 2013, we’ve evolved into a premier producer of smart mirrors. Our diverse lineup includes Android 11 Backlit Smart Bathroom Mirrors, Smart Mirror TV Bathrooms, Interactive Workout Mirrors, and more.

With a monthly capacity of over 50,000 smart bathroom mirrors and 40,000 smart fitness mirrors, Vercon stands at the forefront of technology. Our touch panels, the core of our mirrors, boast an impressive annual production capacity of 5,000,000 sets.

Explore the future with Vercon Smart Mirrors, where innovation mirrors excellence. Elevate your surroundings today by discovering our unique range.

Our Core Advantage – Why We Ranked as No.1 Smart Mirror Supplier

Leading R&D Technical Capability

Established in 2016 and has a profound background and technological expertise in the smart mirror industry.

over 50 engineers with profound professional knowledge and extensive practical experience.

Continuous high-level innovation in the delivery of large-scale projects, with outstanding experience and reputation

Providing OEM and ODM services for renowned domestic and international brands, VERCON TECHNOLOGY is a leading enterprise in the SMART MIRROR sector.

Strict Quality Management Capability

The factory is certified by ISO9001/45001/14001, providing enterprises with systematic quality management and quality assurance.

The complete IQC, PQC, OQC, and IPQC systems ensure that VERCON smart mirrors maintain their stability and reliability, making the company a leader in the industry.

Powerful Manufacturing Capability

Built the industry’s leading dust-free production workshop, which includes product assembly, aging, testing, and packaging workshops, with an annual production capacity of up to 500,000 sets.

With a professional engineering team and a sample production line, VERCON TECHNOLOGY can achieve flexible production, handle various small-scale deliveries, and meet the customized needs of customers.

Integrating the upstream and downstream industrial chains, Vercon achieves core industrial chain autonomy, and realizing rapid large-scale delivery capabilities.

Vercon Smart Mirror Factory Milestones

Embarking on a journey of innovation, Vercon Smart Mirror Factory has a rich developmental history that mirrors our commitment to excellence. Let’s trace our path through the years.

2011 ~ 2012 Igniting Capacitive Touch Screen Production

We kick-started our journey by delving into the production of Capacitive Touch Screens for industrial applications, laying the foundation for what would become a trailblazing venture.

2013 ~ 2015 Unveiling the 1st AI Magic Mirror – Vercon Smart Mirror.

A significant breakthrough unfolded as we proudly introduced the first AI Magic Mirror to the world, setting a new standard for smart mirror technology.

2016 ~ 2017 Pioneering Clean Workshops.

Undeterred by challenges, we established the first Class 100 Clarification Workshop dedicated to smart mirrors, underscoring our commitment to quality and innovation.

2018 ~ 2019 The Birth of Vercon and Strategic Alliances.

The Vercon brand emerged, accompanied by the creation of a dynamic marketing organization. Collaborations with industry giants and SKYWORTH marked strategic milestones, shaping our trajectory for success.

2020 ~ 2022 Expanding Horizons.

The spirit of development thrived as we expanded our partnerships and secured a greater market share. Each year brought new opportunities for growth and exploration.

2022  A New Chapter Unfolds.

Culminating in a momentous move, we transitioned to a powerful new factory equipped with expanded clean workshops.Increased investment was directed towards boosting production capacity and ensuring higher product quality, signaling the culmination of a remarkable chapter in our journey.

Our Certificates and Patent

In our past development journey, VERCON has been dedicated to promoting innovation and widespread adoption of SMART MIRROR technology. The company has obtained an ISO quality management system and ISO green factory certifications. Our products have been certified with CE/CB/FCC/ROHS/ETL/CCC, furthermore, Vercon has obtained over 150 patents in this field.

VERCON stands far ahead in the SMART MIRROR industry.

Landmark Projects

One Pearl Bank

An Iconic Development near Outram Park MRT Singapore, the tallest residential development in the Outram-Chinatown district in Central Singapore.

Developer: CapitaLand


Inner Peace

Located in Beijing’s CBD and situated in the high-end residential area of the Golden Cross of Guomao, this project has become a shining gem in the luxury residential market.

Developer: Yango Property


K1 Tower at Cluster K, JLT

The Jumeirah Lakes Towers community is well-regarded for its modern infrastructure, upscale amenities, and stunning views of the surrounding lakes and Dubai skyline.

Developer: MAG Royal


Sheraton Hotel

The latest smart hotel integrated Smart, Luxury, and Morden design,Its ring-shaped exterior can be described as an international innovation and a unique features

Developer: The Feizhou Group