Smart Mirror Certificates Patents

Smart mirror certificates patents matters.

Vercon applied for various smart mirror certificates patents earlier in 2015. As the R&D creates and manufacturing enlarges, more and more original operations were summarized by Vercon team in the factory. In the development period, a lot of normative documents were generalized, too. We are dedicated to supplying safe, reliable and qualified products to our clients worldwide.

Recent 1.5 years some new companies seem to pop up overnight. They claim to produce smart mirrors with operating systems, too. We think clients should make a wise judgment for business cooperation. The smooth integration of hardware and software is one of the critical success factors for Guangzhou Vercon Technology. Apparently, product certification is one of the best tools to tell the quality and reliable supplier.

Below we are listing some of our product certificates, company certificates and technical patents. They cover ISO certificates, CE, FCC, RoHS, patents, etc.