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Smart Mirror Instrument Calibration Certificate - VERCON

Smart Mirror Instrument Calibration Certificate

In this section, we will analyze why it’s so important to make instrument calibration

[icon name=”dot-circle” prefix=”fas”] Instrument calibration can ensure the precision and data accuracy of the instrument. With it, we can fix or improve the standard for data testing and total quality manufacturing. Simply speaking, the YR rate of our smart mirrors rises after an organized instrument calibration.

[icon name=”dot-circle” prefix=”fas”] For laboratories and testing institutions, instrument calibration can not only ensure the reliability of test data but also protect the safety of instrument operators.

[icon name=”dot-circle” prefix=”fas”] Instrument calibration is regular work in Vercon Technology. As we all know, any instrument will lose accuracy or appear errors due to long-term use or environmental changes. Therefore, we need to calibrate regularly.

[icon name=”dot-circle” prefix=”fas”] Instrument calibration prolongs the instrument’s life by correcting the error of the instrument. On the other hand, without calibration, the accumulated error may cause a completely failed instrument finally.

From a cost perspective, regular calibration can avoid more instrument maintenance. We can save unnecessary spending.

[icon name=”dot-circle” prefix=”fas”] In some fields, instrument calibration can meet relevant legal requirements. For example, in the medical industry and aviation industries, there are very high requirements for the precision and accuracy of instruments. Any standard deviation may result in serious legal consequences.

[icon name=”dot-circle” prefix=”fas”] Instrument calibration is needed for various qualification audits. Vercon applied and passed various qualification audits. Take applying ISO system certification as an instance, we went through large and small inspections and audits including Instrument calibration inspections. It’s an essential part of an annual review and inspection.

How to make smart mirror instrument calibration?

In the below section, instead of listing specific calibrating methods, we will introduce how to launch calibration correctly.

[icon name=”dot-circle” prefix=”fas”] Overall, in a calibration process, firstly we need to compare the instrument value to a standard known value. Secondly, we need to adjust the instrument to eliminate any discrepancies if any. This ensures that the values ​​read by the instrument are accurate. We can avoid wrong conclusions due to errors.

[icon name=”dot-circle” prefix=”fas”] We need to set up special departments and persons to make the calibration. Generally speaking, in most enterprises, the charge department is Quality Department.

[icon name=”dot-circle” prefix=”fas”] Instrument calibration is long-term work for any qualified enterprise. It requires long-term solid persistence and regular implementation.

[icon name=”dot-circle” prefix=”fas”] At last, we must make it according to the actual situations. We must prepare the list for calibration in advance. We also need to know when to do calibration and when to do calibration.

Vercon smart mirror in the Programmable Rain Test Chamber
Vercon smart mirror in the Precision Salt Spraying Tester

Vercon Technology hopes to produce better and better smart mirrors. Costly smart mirror instrument calibration is one part of a strong shield to guarantee top quality.

Not like other traditional consumer electronics, the Android smart mirror (It was also called “Magic mirror” at the very beginning) was not born in a highly competitive market. It’s a high-tech IoT product that integrates different hardware and software including mirror, sensors, LCD, capacitive touch screen, Audio unit, Video unit, Android-based OS, firmware, apps, etc.

Therefore, user experience is so important for such a large wall-mounted mirror. Obviously, consumers will care much if they bought a stuck smart mirror. We must ensure producing good hardware and advanced software.

We know that the Android system and other software are keeping updating, which pushes the basic requirement to hardware. The working environment also has an inconvenient influence on hardware performance.

The application of smart mirror instrument calibration certificates is costly but a necessary investment for us. It is one part of the strong shield to guarantee qualified smart mirror products.