How To Use Workout Mirror Home Gym?

Go to gym once a week? A Workout Mirror Home Gym would help you carry out your fitness plan better

Abstract: The Workout Mirror Hom Gym can’t really replace a professional gym room, but it’s a perfect ancillary interactive device for a home gym.

The device is also called the interactive workout mirror in Vercon Technology which is a workout device to be used in the house or gym. It’s designed to be modern and safe. The elongated 43″ or 32″ LCD touch screen is built in an elongated mirror. All parts are protected in a slim aluminum frame with a back cover made of cold rolling carbon steel. Under the All-in-one design idea, it’s a very solid and safe workout device.

The structure diagram of the Interactive workout mirror
The structure diagram of the Interactive workout mirror


We are keeping OEM & ODM production for clients who are wholesaling or distributing or retailing smart workout mirrors worldwide.

We can find 4 ways to use the mirror

Use dedicated apps

A lot of our clients developed their own fitness apps for smart mirror or smartphone. We can install clients’ app into the device before its leaving our factory.

However, there are a lot of clients who hadn’t developed their own APPs. They can choose to download apps or fitness courses from Google Play Store. Very rich choices there!

Rich apps choices for Workout Mirror Home Gym


Watch online courses and get available guides through a video call

Moreover, using Vercon Interactive Workout Mirror, an exerciser can make an online video call when exercising! That will be very helpful for those home gym amateurs as they can look for a real-time gym guide from a couch through a video call. As we know, there are a lot of online training courses or live streaming.

As a leading producer of smart workout mirrors, Vercon Technology integrated Android OS, dedicated easy-to-use software, touchscreen, built-in microphones, speakers and cameras into the Interactive Workout Mirror. Hence, we made it available for exercisers to conveniently look for available instant gym support from professionals.


With advanced technology, we also suppressed the echoes that are widely affecting the user experience of similar devices in the market.

Learn gym courses from a self-created dedicated gym course which is uploaded to the mirror via USB

Similar to using a computer, users can upload their favorite exercise video to the mirror via USB. According to what we know from our clients worldwide, some gym owners choose to make very wonderful gym videos. On the other hand, a lot of exercisers choose to download videos and courses from the internet and then upload them to the mirror.

The interfaces of Workout Mirror Home Gym


View body data on the mirror screen by connecting extensional detecting devices

Additional functions add value. Supported by external devices and corresponding apps, we can extend much more functions of this Workout Mirror Home Gym.

There are some external household devices that can be connected to our mirror through Bluetooth – Body Fat Scale, Skin Analyzer, Smart Band, Smart Toothbrush, etc.

Connect extensional detecting devices to the mirror


Currently, as optional extra products, The Body Fat Scale and the Skin Analyzer are dedicated detecting devices developed by ourselves.

We also developed corresponding apps for the above two external devices. Take using the Body Fat Scale for instance: All you need to do is connect the device to the mirror via Bluetooth, click app icon on the mirror screen, follow the voice guide step by step, Stand on the scale…Waiting for viewing your body conditions data like body weight, BMI, muscle rate and body fat rate. Then you will know which part you need to improve.

Connect extensional detecting devices to the mirror


Conclusion: Vercon Workout Mirror Home Gym can be a useful ancillary interactive device for a home gym. According to the marketing research organized by our clients and us, our device indeed helped a lot of exercisers worldwide.