Why take RK3568 for IoT gateway?

RK3568 for IoT gateway

Abstract: Why we took RK3568 for IoT gateway? Rockchip RK3568 is widely used for industrial applications. It has a strong capacity for interface expansion. As a depth product based on the RK3568 processor, the RK3568J is a special version for industrial applications. Currently, it supports OS such as Android, Debian, Harmony OS, RTOS, OpenWRT and Ubuntu. It is so extensible to make secondary development for building advanced IoT gateway products.

With rich interfaces, RK3568 is designed to be a universal SoC for AIoT.

In industrial control, it’s a rigid demand to freely achieve more functions for our products. That requires more interfaces to the control SoC chip. With rich interface expansion capabilities, RK3568 has excellent performance on that.

Vercon is using RK3568 for IoT gateway in some products. It is very extensible to make secondary development in industrial applications.
The native interfaces of RK3568

RK3568 for IoT gateway comes with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can be used for double-layer communication between WAN and LAN. Readers who are familiar with gateway products know that in the application of gateway products, network communication, data acquisition and serial port control are key functions. The built-in interface of RK3568 can fully meet such demands.

RK3568 fully covers most wireless communication functions. It has strong expansion capabilities in wireless communication – Supporting SDIO3.0, PCIE, and USB3.0 interfaces. We can connect 4G/5G modules, WiFi modules, Bluetooth modules, LoRa modules or a large number of other wireless communication modules with it.

Moreover, RK3568 has 10 serial ports: one of them is used for debugging, and the rest can be used for UART, TTL, RS232 or RS485 configuration. That is available for industrial control or sensor communication.

RK3568 also supports IIC, IIS, SPI, PWM, CAN and other communication ports. Rich GPIO design makes it available to customize the functions for our products.

RK3568 can be also used for designing very targeted product functions with bridge chips.

For example, with bridge chips, we can achieve network, storage, USB communication and other expansion through PCIE to achieve multiple USB expansions easily. Taking a new generation of communication protocol, the transmission bandwidth of RK3568 is very high. Therefore, after bridging, the transmission through an interface is still fast enough to meet most conventional demands.

That’s a stylish characteristic of RK3568 for IoT gateway.

The system hardware advances RK3568 for IoT gateway.

Let’s view the features and hardware parameters of RK3568:

Features and hardware parameters of RK3568
Features and hardware parameters of RK3568

RK3568 takes quad-core A55 ARM architecture. The main frequency is 2.0GHz. Supports DDR3 | 4, LPDDR4 | 4X, etc. It supports 8GB RAM and ECC correction. Those features guarantee its strong performance and server-level stability. RK3568J can furtherly meet the harsh requirements in industrial applications.

With built-in independent GPU, NPU, and ISP, RK3568 greatly enriches its application scenario. We know that NPU is important for AI applications. The NPU-based algorithm model is far more efficient than the one for CPUs or GPUs.

RK3568 widely supports various operating systems.

RK3568 widely supports Android OS and Linux-based OS, which makes it available for secondary software development according to the practical function needed for our products.

As we all know, different operating systems have different characteristics. In actual project applications, developers from different enterprises choose OS according to their own technical reserves. Therefore, in AIoT applications, it’s so practical to energize an SoC to support rich systems. RK3568 widely supports various main OS: Android 11, Android 12, Debian, Ubuntu, RTOS, OpenWrt, Harmony OS, Open Harmony and Buildroot.


As a universal SoC, RK3568 has great potential in the industrial-grade applications of IoT gateway. RockChip itself has deep basic technologies that fit various industrial customization. Therefore, in the project process of customization, RockChip can also provide strong technical support. Taking the above features of RK3568 for IoT gateway, Vercon successfully developed a series of Smart Mirror TV Bathroom products.

RockChip RK3568J is widely used in AIoT
RockChip RK3568J is widely used in AIoT