Interactive Smart Fitness Mirror Stimulates Workout Motivation


How long since your last workout at home? An interactive smart fitness mirror can greatly stimulate your workout motivation.

An interactive smart fitness mirror offers convenience and flexibility for people who looking to exercise in their own space. Moreover, the interactive feature can greatly stimulate workout motivation. A lot of individuals can insist on launching their fitness plan.

The core selling point of our interactive smart fitness mirror:

The product is a very useful ancillary device that combines a traditional mirror with a screen display. An exerciser can watch fitness classes and access workout programs. We can clearly see real-time feedback on the mirror screen while exercising.

The core selling point of Vercon interactive smart fitness mirror
The core selling point of the mirror

With the product, we can join on-demand workouts, live classes, personal training sessions and virtual coaching. We can follow along with instructors on the mirror’s screen or mimic their movements for a guided workout experience.

We can also accompany mobile apps while exercising. With content subscriptions through the device, we can also learn more workout content, including cardio, strength training, yoga, etc.

The important extensional product functions:

With an extended external device the Body Fat Scale, we can see the body weight, BMI, muscle rate and body fat rate. Moreover, the devices can form body shape analysis, dietary advice and sports suggestions. We can also clearly see the reports on the mirror screen.

With another external device the Skin Meter, we can monitor and track the capabilities of skin water content, oil content and skin firmness through the mirror.

The important extensional product functions of Vercon smart mirrors
The important extensional product functions of Vercon smart mirrors

All the data will be displayed on the mirror screen and saved for different users.

Technically, the features of the mirror:

Cameras: 3D Depth Camera or Autofocus HD camera

LCD touch screen: 32″ or 43″

Installation: Wall mount or Floor bracket or Floor stand

Rich fitness apps

Rich ports for software updates and maintenance

Ultra-slim design

Built-in speakers

Internet connectivity

According to our client’s feedback, the interactive smart fitness mirror can efficiently stimulate Workout Motivation. This type of smart mirror is becoming more and more popular for home gym workouts worldwide.