The Newest Smart Mirror 2023 Is In Volume Production


The new feature of the newest smart mirror 2023: Android 11 OS & Larger memory & Faster Run & Better compatibility

Vercon put the newest smart mirror 2023 into volume production now. It’s an important performance lift to the Smart Mirror TV Bathroom. Before we adopted Android 7.1 OS based on the RK3288 motherboard. Now, we upgraded it to Android 11 OS based on the RK3568 motherboard. Moreover, the new products have larger memory Ram 3GB & Rom 32GB and improved compatibility with more Apps.

Vercon started to develop corresponding hardware and firmware for this product series in the second half of 2022. In the first half of 2022, another product series named Android 11 Backlit Smart Bathroom Mirror successfully penetrated the 2022 markets with modular design and fast volume production.

Both product series are representing the top level of similar devices in 2023. It’s a deep Hardware & Software integration outside-to-inside. It frees the hands with multi-function in our leisure time. We can watch videos or listen to music easily while brushing our teeth. A user can download various Apps freely. No need to sign in to your Google account!

The newest smart mirror 2023

Vercon made a lot of effort to make the mirrors run faster. In the smart mirror market 2023, personally speaking, I think they have the world’s highest configuration. 

They are amazing devices for home use or innovative display everywhere: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Ad players, Home automation control…Modern devices but practical for real estate. We have some typical cases worldwide through our partners.