Three Smart Devices For Bathroom

Three Smart Devices For Bathroom – Smart mirror, smart faucet and smart toilet


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Abstratcs: In old times, the life of common people is usually too dramatic. A lot of people have to fight for their life goals, the truth of life, freedom and a more positively comfortable lifestyle. But Times Had Changed. Nowadays, we are stepping into the age of smart life owe to infor revolution, boost development of ICs and sensors. Overall, we can get more home comforts from the smart home devices. 

Today we are going to introduce three smart devices for bathroom – Smart mirror, smart faucet and smart toilet.

One of the three smart devices for bathroom – Smart Mirror

One of the three Smart Devices For Bathroom - Smart mirror

An Android smart mirror is a two-way mirror with an electronic touch display screen and Android OS in the glass. The mirror works exactly like a larger tablet PC with a much more brilliant touch screen. The typical feature is to display weather, time, date and news updates.

Vercon Technology is a leading manufacturer of Android smart mirrors

With a stronger defogger, the “S” series of smart bathroom mirrors (The product series is also called Smart Mirror TV Bathroom) is perfectly fit for bathroom use. It’s an IP65 waterproof device.

Such smart mirror with Android OS is widely called “Magic Mirror” or “Intelligent Mirror”.

What we can do with a smart bathroom mirror?

We can enjoy Spotify music, watching TV and YouTube videos in high-definition and clear images. We can also check the traffic routes on the map before a trip. We can go shopping on Amazon online through the device. Moreover, we are able to analyze our body health conditions like body fat, body water, BMI, body muscles, bone mass, face skin, etc. Just connect the mirror with the body fat scale and skin detector.

With it, we can also get information such as the date and time, daily news, weather forecasts and traffic reports. Smart mirrors often have built-in LED lights, allowing you to adjust the color and warmth to provide optimal lighting for your needs. Some smart mirrors play music via Bluetooth and let you make phone calls or access the apps on your phone.

Smart Faucet


A Smart Faucet is also called Smart Water Tap or Motion-activated Faucet. There are built-in temperature sensors. With a led display screen, it displays the water temperature and flow rate. It’s generally designed to be touchless and sensitive. Water automatically turns on/off along with a gesture. Also, it’s very easy to regulate water temperature and adjust the flow rate. For example, touchless faucets allow water consumption in households and public spaces to be halved while raising user-friendliness and hygiene to a new level at the same time.

Smart Toilet


A smart toilet is also called an intelligent smart toilet lip. Its features: Heated seats, air deodorizers, and automatic lid. The lid opens and closes when someone approaches or leaves. A smart toilet and bathroom tap that flush and dispense water without the need to touch the handles via motion sensors, touch-free toilets for the home.