We developed a dedicated Vercon RK3568 motherboard for Smart Mirror


VERCON RK3568 motherboard is a dedicated board for Smart Mirror the “S” series and the medicine cabinet series.

Vercon RK3568 motherboard is not a public board from the market but a SmartBathroomMirror-dedicated board taking Rockchip 3568 SoC. Vercon has independent intellectual property rights to it.

Why we developed Vercon RK3568 motherboard?

IoT is deeply changing our lives worldwide. In most situations, technological innovation always helps most people to live better mentally and physically. The smart mirror industry is a subdivision of the smart home system. As an IoT hardware manufacturer from China, in the hard times full of uncertain risks, Vercon hopes to produce better smart mirror products to raise the user experience.

The smart mirror is not a traditional product. An excellent product manager must dig into potential user demand. The bathroom is different from other places in the house apparently. It’s a place that represents a kind of relaxation, leisure and pleasure. According to our survey research, Smart bathroom mirror users actually want the device to do more. They want a really useful smart mirror that is really easy to be used in their bathrooms. No consumer has the interest to buy an expensive dumb smart mirror and hang it in their bathroom.

Brilliant smart bathroom mirror – The Vercon S series

From software and hardware, a product manager is responsible to make the device fit for use in the bathroom(or other similar environments). We call it “Make a smart mirror fit for the Bathroom-application-scenarios.

To produce dedicated smart bathroom mirrors, we need to develop dedicated software and functions. VERCON RK3568 motherboard is the core component developed for the Bathroom-application-scenarios. We designed its layout and confirmed the PCB material.

Its superiority

Dedicated Vercon RK3568 motherboard for Smart Mirror TV Bathroom the S series

The main feature of RK3568 board:

- Main frequency: 2.0 Ghz. High speed and fluent system

- Heat dispersion performance

- High performance and low power consumption

- Android 11 OS

- Ram & Rom: 2 GB & 32 GB or above

With this dedicated board, we are able to produce two series of anti-EMI Android smart mirror product series – The Smart mirror TV bathroom series and The bathroom medicine cabinet door smart mirror series. These Android smart mirrors have prominent anti-EMI performances (What’s EMI ?). Generally, there are a lot of electrical devices in a house. Vercon anti-EMI smart mirror can avoid blurred screen, frozen(black) screen or even a device restart. That’s a basic guarantee for a good user experience to a smart bathroom mirror.

The anti-EMI feature can also protect other electrical devices from its interference. Nowadays all qualified electrical products need to pass EMI testing.

Part of Vercon product certificates:

Moreover, with this dedicated RK3568 board, we increased a lot of impressive functions to related product series. Before upgrading our product series, in several products, we used public boards like using a board taking Rockchip 3288 SoC. In a lot of cases, a public 3288 board was designed for a lot of products used in different application scenarios like Industry control and advertising display. For a smart mirror using a public board, there would be a system stuck during running it as useless functions and software are occupying the flash and system. In the past years, those bad user experiences of smart mirrors generally originated from the motherboards.

The factory building of Guangzhou Vercon Technology

We are upgrading all product series with dedicated motherboards. In 2023 beginning we will finish this upgradation. We will appreciate it if you can share your opinion or give suggestions.

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