Smart Mirror UI Design – From VEUIS 1.0 to 2.0

Good smart mirror UI design brings a much better user experience.

Recently, Vercon updated the smart mirror UI design to VEUIS 2.0 for the Smart Mirror TV Bathroom product series since presenting version 1.0 two years ago. Compared to version 1.0, version 2.0 use a new framework that raised a higher maturity level.

Basically, Vercon SW engineers generated better codes for VEUIS 2.0 that bring a longer SW life and a better user experience for bathroom smart mirror users. More precisely, there are a lot of important improvements which can higher user experiences such as new UI, new style, and more elastic customization. Some new functions can be added to Smart Mirror TV Bathroom after taking VEUIS 2.0.

AspectsVEUIS 1.0VEUIS 2.0
UI designTurntable in the cornerWithout turntable
Ease of use gradeLowHigh
CustomizeNot supportSupport

VEUIS UI design is not only a smart mirror UI skin but a deep optimized system based on Android OS. It’s closer to UX design. What’s the difference between user interface and user experience?

Let’s see what exactly the new smart mirror UI design brings to us.


Humanized default system settings:

  • Configurable system display mode
  • Default time zone
  • Default language
  • Default temperature unit
  • Default measuring unit for weight and length

More languages:

14 languages – Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.

Mobile message interaction:

The mirror screen can display a text message or emoji sent from the user’s smartphone. It’s a very useful device interaction for people who use a bathroom smart mirror at home.

A warm message from families.

Easy interaction between the smartphone and smart mirror brings amazing expressions of feelings.

Built-in intelligent quality inspection tool:

In VEUIS 2.0, we installed a quality inspection tool to self-inspect the quality of smart bathroom mirrors in the production process. The new smart mirror UI design brings a high-efficiently intelligent quality inspection.

Easy maintenance and upgrades to the mirrors:

SW OTA upgrade is a convenient online upgrade method for the end users. Version 2.0 brings automatic firmware upgrade notification. The mirror screen will display an upgrade notification if there is a new firmware version. The user can decide whether to upgrade it or not. It’s a normal upgrade way for smartphones. We made it to smart bathroom mirrors as it can reduce maintenance costs for wholesalers and distributors.

Clear cache automatically:

The new smart mirror UI design raise system running speed as it has an important feature – Clear cache automatically. Every time we open an app, the memory occupation from the last working process will be cleared to avoid system block. The cache of the third-party application will be cleared together. Users don’t need to worry about clearing their personal data or music playlist as we made corresponding settings. Only temporary data will be cleared. ( Learn more about cache )

In the future, Vercon will present version 3.0 and adopt a new motherboard for the product series Smart Mirror TV Bathroom. More functions will be added. Let’s wait!