KNX Smart Mirror – The Integration of Smart Mirror and Smart Home Automation


Introduction of KNX

KNX is the abbreviation for Konnex. In May 1999, the three major European bus protocols, EIB, BatiBus, and EHSA. It merged to form the Konnex Association and introduced the KNX protocol.

This protocol is based on EIB, takes into account the physical layer specifications of BatiBus and EHSA. It incorporates the configuration mode advantages from BatiBus and EHSA, providing a complete solution for home and building automation.

KNX Technology and Home Automation

Currently, the mainstream communication protocols for smart homes include KNX, Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, RS485, etc. The KNX technology has a history of over 30 years and offers higher stability and a wide range of applications. It is used for intelligent control in various commercial buildings and residential areas. Especially in large buildings such as airports, high-speed rail stations, stadiums, and subways.

The standardization of this technology not only allows products from global KNX member manufacturers to achieve interoperability. Furthermore also enables integration with third-party systems or platforms through a wide range of protocol gateways. These are available on the market, forming a unified management and centralized control system.

KNX has been in China for twenty years and has been applied in many projects. The projects include high-end private villas like Shanghai Tomson Riviera and Sheshan Shimao, Bird’s Nest, and Water Cube. The most famous the world’s largest single building, Beijing Daxing International Airport. The KNX (International) Association has 500 members worldwide, 8,000 KNX-certified products, 114,766 KNX partners, and projects in 190 countries.

Vercon Smart Mirror WIth KNX

VERCON TECHNOLOGY closely follows the technological development trends in the smart home industry and was among the first to introduce European KNX technology into smart mirror products. The company has been deeply involved in KNX-related fields, with development capabilities in communication protocols, hardware, software, and platforms. It has independently developed three KNX protocol stacks, making it the Chinese company with the most KNX certified protocol stacks, and the first Chinese company to pass the KNX secure protocol stack certification. Additionally, to address the disadvantages of KNX technology in terms of device cost and flexibility, the company innovatively integrated the KNX system with Tuya Zigbee, enabling the Zigbee platform to manage KNX devices, and allowing Zigbee sub-devices to control KNX devices, achieving the goal of interconnection.

KNX Smart Mirror Introduction

A mirror can also be a smart hardware product, becoming a window for information interaction

Providing one-stop services for visual intercom solutions, human-machine interaction solutions, and KNX-based smart building and smart home systems, as an OEM/ODM manufacturer, we adhere to the strategic positioning of ‘Intelligence + Better Life’ and have developed multiple touch screen solution applications and products.

Specifically, VERCON’s independently developed smart mirror products have the following features:


The mirror integrates a display screen and interactive modules (such as touch and voice control).

Communication: The smart mirror is compatible with internet, IoT, and smart hardware communication protocols as well as ecosystem protocol libraries, enabling networking and interaction with other smart hardware for information transmission and linkage.


The smart mirror comes with an OS system that integrates various visual algorithms, AR modules, and AI models, allowing flexible development of upper-layer applications.

Through modular design, VERCON can quickly develop a variety of smart mirror products with different forms and functions. For both commercial and residential scenarios, VERCON has launched over 30 SKUs of smart mirror products, including bathroom mirrors, makeup mirrors, dressing mirrors, cabinet mirrors, kitchen mirrors, entryway mirrors, beauty and skincare mirrors, full-length mirrors, medical beauty mirrors, and health mirrors.

The Application of KNX Smart Mirror

KNX smart mirrors have a wide range of application markets, including smart homes, consumer & new retail, hotel real estate, and healthcare industries.

Smart Homes:

Provide matching smart mirror products to smart home platforms. VERCON smart mirrors are compatible with multiple communication protocols such as Zigbee, KNX, Bluetooth, and WiFi. They have achieved scene and ecological interconnection with China’s top twenty smart home platforms, such as Haier U+, Midea M-smart, Xiaomi Mijia, Huawei Hi-Link, and Orvibo. They have integrated over 70 categories of smart hardware and more than 5000 smart hardware products.

Consumer & New Retail:

Provide smart mirror products for offline makeup counters, etc. When consumers look in the mirror, they can simultaneously see skin detection results, skincare suggestions, etc., and can also directly see the makeup trial effect through AR makeup trial function. This prepositions the process that used to require manual sales to the mirror viewing stage, thereby improving sales conversion rates.

Hotel Real Estate:

Provide smart living solutions through project-based approaches. VERCON integrates smart devices such as mirrors, lights, curtains, air conditioners, TVs, and projectors according to the needs of hotel and real estate developers, providing customized solutions. For example, in hotel scenarios, use smart mirrors to facilitate room service orders and in-home scenarios. It enable functions such as intercoms and displaying information from linked sleep monitoring devices.

Healthcare & Medical:

Provide smart mirror solutions for beauty salons, medical and elderly care real estate, etc. For example, in beauty salons, use smart mirrors and connected detection instruments. It display user skin conditions, maintenance suggestions, etc., turning marketing scripts into data-driven insights, enhancing credibility, and increasing conversion rates.

VERCON & KNX Smart Mirror

Focusing on the field of spatial intelligence, VERCON Technology is a national high-tech enterprise and a ‘Little Giant’ enterprise in science and technology in Guangzhou. Vercon providing customers with smart mirrors and solution products as well as integrated solutions. The proportion of sales revenue from smart home products in the main business income has been increasing year by year, reaching 48.86% in 2022. Currently, we have implemented smart solutions for multiple large-scale projects in various countries and regions around the world


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