Led smart mirror VS Led mirror


LED smart mirror VS LED mirror

K-series smart mirror is a typical LED smart mirror used in the bathroom. Let’s take a look at its differences from traditional LED bathroom mirrors:

LED smart mirror (K-series)

LED mirror


Android-based OS. WiFi connection. Multiple apps like Spotify, YouTube, etc. Like an iPad in the mirror.

Not smart

No OS. Can’t connect to the internet. Display simple info like temperature (Local setting).

LCD display

Capacitive touch screen LCD display.

LED module display

LED module. Display simple info.

Smartphone projection

Capacitive touch screen LCD display.

No projection

LED module. Display simple info.

Dimmable CCT

K-series use smoothly linear dimming backlight to adjust CCT.

Dimmable or CCT

It’s either dimmable or CCT. They can’t co-exist in one mirror.

IP65 waterproof

Modular design. No raised physical buttons on the mirror. Better leakproofness.

IP44 waterproof

Raised buttons on the mirror surface. Worse leakproofness. IP44 waterproof.


K-series mirrors can defog.


A lot of led mirrors can defog.

Anti-DarkSpot & Rustproof

Non-DarkSpot. Non-Rustproof

The Conclusion

K series led smart mirror is an innovative product for the mass consumer market. It has a perfect cost performance originating from its modular design. It’s also a strong competitor to traditionally led mirrors. Various shapes and sizes of K series smart mirrors were designed and produced for bathroom use specially. They are highly customizable products to fit various clients’ needing.

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