Keep producing the best cost-effective smart mirror

Keep producing the best cost-effective smart mirror

Vercon has been keeping producing the best cost-effective smart mirror in the past 10 years. The Smart Mirror is a sunrise technology product that integrates IoT and interactive technology. Perhaps you have ever seen some smart mirrors used in a different environment: Bathroom or Gym. More or less the functions are different, but basically, all of them consist of a mirror body, built-in LCD display touch screen and motherboard. Normally they are not too cheap IoT devices. Check similar products on sale in Walmart stores.

In our opinion, the best cost-effective smart mirror need punch below two points:

Smooth running

Economical price

To win higher market share, each manufacturer wracks their brains to shorter product unit cost in volume production. In the technology industry, it’s like a long-distance race and it never stops. On the other hand, to enhance product competitiveness, smart players always learn more skills to keep (or higher) quality and increase product functions.

Vercon management team holds the idea that a considerate design could significantly higher product grade and save production costs. Therefore, besides making a regular effort in business development, we also make persistent efforts to improve product design. K-series smart mirrors are a KickAss product series hitting the right design principles.

Two essential features make them cost-effective products:

Modular design

Dedicated OS

Modular design

The back wall mount takes a modular design and snaps joint assemblies. This enables the workers or mechanical arm to quickly finish assembling different components(Motherboard, mirror part…). In volume production, this brings a big cost-down as the whole assembling process is highly efficient. The YR (Yield Rate) of K-series smart mirrors, benefiting from the outstanding design and automated production line, is over the average level.

Till now, in K-series smart mirrors, we have developed 7 models with different shapes and sizes:

In this series, we will increase more new models to cover more needings. Which one is the best cost-effective smart mirror in the product series? The answer is that all K series items follow a standard production process. Different models differ in size or shape. End consumers can choose items of suitable size fit for their walls. Installation is very easy for all series.

To increase ITO (Inventory Turn Over), we designed most components to be universal for all K-series models. Therefore, the order fulfillment time of K-series smart mirrors is far less than other product series.

Moreover, the mirror part of K-series smart mirrors is produced from Precise Die Mould but not from inefficient cutting. This brings higher mirror precision and a smooth mirror edge. Also, it significantly increases mirror body YR. Naturally, the fewer defective mirror parts that jump out of the production line, the lower the unit cost we obtained.

Dedicated OS

To the best cost-effective smart mirror, excellent user experience is crucial for product market share. OS (Operating System) is an important influential factor in user experience. As for this, not many factories are able to stably produce the best cost-effective smart mirror commercial. Industry chain experience is an extremely important factor in making a good product.

According to what we saw and heard, ONLY dedicated OS and motherboard can bring smooth running for smart mirrors. In the market, there are a lot of DIY smart mirrors using Raspberry Pi. Overall, most of these Raspberry Pi DIY products got negative comments because of the stuck system. In the article Why we don’t produce Raspberry Pi smart mirror? we will try to make a full analysis based on views from technicians and users.

Vercon’s dedicated motherboards and Android-Based OS are prominent product superiors. They are taken by all series of Vercon smart bathroom mirrors.