Two Way glass mirror

two way glass mirror smart mirror

What is two way glass mirror

A two-way screen achieves its effect by replacing the reflective mirror on the back. It's a reflective screen with a mirror reflection film.

From the front, the reflection film appears as a mirror, but from the back, it is transparent glass through which one can see.

Principle of Two Way Mirror

The secret of the two-way mirror lies in the semi-reflective film.

It's similar to the glass on some buildings, certain sunglasses, and automotive tinting. The front side acts as a mirror, reflecting sunlight and providing a readable display in bright conditions.

Meanwhile, the back side is transparent, allowing visibility through the mirror and providing a pathway for the screen's backlight.

Two Way Mirror Smart Mirror

two-way mirror for smart mirror

The two-way mirror (semi-reflective) technology used in smart mirror screens alters the original ratio of transmission and reflection through a coating process.

This coating can enhance transparency to increase light intensity or enhance reflection to decrease light intensity. The term "semi-reflective" means that the film's transmittance and reflectance is 30% and 70%.

After light passes through this thin film, half of the light intensity is transmitted through, and the other half is smartly reflected on the mirror.

Application of Two Way Glass Mirror

Application Areas:

A. Aerospace Display Instruments: Onboard displays for passenger aircraft, fighter jets, and helicopters.

B. Vehicle Displays: Car computers, GPS systems, smart dashboards, and television screens.

C. Smart Mirrors: the latest technology and traditional mirror integration.

D. Outdoor Instruments: Handheld GPS devices, rugged phones.

E. Portable Computers: Rugged laptops, UMPCs (Ultra-Mobile PCs), high-end MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices), high-end tablets, and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants).