KBC 2024: A New Era for the Smart Mirror Industry

Vercon Technology: A Rising Star In The Smart Mirror Industry

Combining intelligence with sustainability, the high-level demands of consumers for kitchen and bathroom products are all met here.

Recently, the 2024 China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Covering an area of 230,000 square meters, the exhibition attracted over 1,500 domestic and international companies.

As the weathervane and barometer of the Asian bathroom industry, all the major domestic and foreign sanitary brands competed fiercely. It’s showcasing of new products.

The smart mirror emerged as a new star in the smart kitchen and bathroom product series. Obsolutely it’s shining brightly at this exhibition.

Brands such as JOMOO, MOEN, and SSWW each showcased their latest smart mirror products, all receiving unanimous praise from customers.

Vercon Technology, currently the industry-leading smart mirror factory and solution provider, also made a significant impact.

JOMOO Smart Mirror Cabinet

Smart Mirror industry

The smart mirror cabinet, was launched by JOMOO in collaboration with Huawei’s smart home automation. It features a built-in 15.6-inch smart magic screen and supports Huawei’s Cast Engine technology for one-touch screen mirroring. The JOMOO smart mirror cabinet serves as an interactive entry point, applying AI innovations to bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, and other spaces. It’s creating a seamless smart interactive platform.

The JOMOO smart mirror cabinet includes the “AI Beauty Room” system tailored for daily grooming and washing space. For example, the mirror light’s color temperature changes as a person approaches, meeting diverse scene requirements; The mirror detect bathroom humidity and activates automatic defogging when humidity is high, keeping the mirror clear. More than that, the integrated LED lighting and screen work in coordination, with JOMOO and Huawei’s smart home automation, creating a new smart bathroom space ecosystem featuring full-scene smart linkage.

MOEN Smart Mirror


Celebrating its 85th anniversary, MOEN showcased its full range of kitchen and bathroom products. With the design concepts of “Technology, Humanism, Beauty,” MOEN combined digital technology and physical displays to create various display spaces for kitchens, bathrooms, and wellness, perfectly demonstrating the harmonious integration of future technology and water aesthetics, offering an immersive experience centered around smart water usage.

Integrating innovative technology into home water usage to make life more convenient, relaxed, safe, and healthy drives MOEN’s continuous development of smart home technology. In the IoT-connected M-link space experience area, MOEN introduced a series of M-link smart products. The Walden smart mirror version, in particular, stood out, featuring MOEN’s patented algorithm technology, which can connect with various smart devices via Bluetooth or WIFI, detecting 12 core body indicators to easily monitor the health information of oneself and one’s family.

The Next Mirror Created by Vercon Technology

As the major brands continue to join, driving the iterative upgrade of the smart home industry. Smart mirrors connect the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other full-house living scenes, integrating deeply with new-generation information technology, biotechnology, new energy, new materials, and robotics. These precisely address the pain points of consumption upgrades and enhance the user’s quality of life.

Smart Mirror New Era is Approaching

The advent of the smart home automation era also brings new overtaking opportunities for emerging smart home bathroom companies. Through integrated design, systematic hardware, intelligent software, and user-friendly experience, emerging smart home companies are expected to complete the intelligent upgrade of various traditional home bathroom products, bringing vast development space and new business models.

More and more bathroom brands are applying AI technology, biometric recognition, and other cutting-edge technologies in traditional home bathroom fields as an important direction for their investment and layout in the smart home sector.

Especially as people’s kitchen and bathroom life begins to enter the “Internet of Everything” era. The application of AI, biometric recognition, and other cutting-edge technologies in traditional home bathrooms not only effectively solves many pain points in kitchen and bathroom life but also derives a series of new scenes and new markets, offering emerging smart home bathroom companies the possibility of “changing lanes to overtake.”

If the smart toilet represents the technological breakthrough of the bathroom industry in single products. We believe the smart mirror is the bathroom industry’s exploration of the intelligent trending development trend in bathroom spaces.

As a pioneer in the bathroom industry, Vercon Technology always actively grasps market trends. While also promotes exchanges and cooperation with all parties.

In the future, we look forward to showcasing and implementing more innovative products and solutions. Vercon continuously leading smart mirror industry progress, and creating a magic bathroom life experience.


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