What is a Real smart mirror

what is a real smart mirror

The Definition of Truly Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror - The most popular and trending bathroom mirror or house mirror recently. It received wide attention from worldwide customers.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of recognition and development of the industry. Most people could not tell what is a real smart mirror.

Based on our 8 years of development, VERCON smart mirror understands the smart mirrors and see the opportunity. However, we also find out the meaning of smart mirrors should be educated to customers:

The real smart mirror or truly smart mirror:

A real smart mirror should be integrated with a microcomputer, interactive display, Wifi connected to the Internet, and speakers...

Only equipped with these devices, the smart mirror could execute smart missions on the mirrors, such a music, video play, and control your smart homes.

Oh, the mirror must have a smart system, such as Android or Windows on the mirror.


The Fake Smart Mirrors

fake smart mirrors

Don't be surprised, if you search on Amazon smart mirror, you only get these "smart mirrors" and they are fake smart mirrors. If you look at the top selling lines on Amazon, they are LED mirrors or mirrors with Bluetooth music, and it doesn't work well always.

But Why? Most people are confused the searching for a smart mirror on Amazon. From their understanding, the smart mirror has the same concept as a smartphone or smart TV. You can't see any smart functions of smart on the mirror, but they are so-called smart mirrors on the e-commerce platform.

The LED mirror was a smart mirror if it was compared with the traditional mirror. Of course, it has LED light, and waterproof or auto defog function, it's better than a piece of glass mirror.

Well, the traditional mirror doesn't match any concept of a smart mirror nowadays.  No system, no smart processor, no interactive display, so smart applications...

That's the reason we called the LED mirrors are fake smart mirrors. Let's find out what is a real smart mirror.

The Truly Smart Mirror or Real Smart Mirror

smart mirror structure

If we check the structure of a real smart mirror, we will find out the it's a complicated mirror with smart devices.

  • Smart computer: this smart mirror computer is the brain of the mirror, it has CPU, GPU, Memories... controls all the functions on the mirror.
  • The touch Screen, it's the mirror's window or mirror display, only with the touch screen, the content could be displayed to users.
  • Internet connection: It's the resource of smart mirrors, information, media, social updates...
  • speakers and led light: it's not the key component, but the speakers influence lots of how people feel about the smart mirror.