The Benefits of LED Smart Bathroom Mirror

Illuminated bathroom smart mirror

led smart bathroom mirror

Smart Mirror, is the latest combination of traditional mirrors and cutting-edge smart touch technology.

It’s an integrated mirror and revolutionary mirror.

Hardware of LED illuminated smart mirrors

Including a built-in smart computer, two-way mirror glass, Wi-Fi connection, and an interactive display mirror on the bottom. The HiFi grade speakers always provide you home studio mirror in your bathroom.

Moreover, the mirror LED lighting or backlit LED mirror perfectly transforms your bathroom mirror into a smart illuminated mirror.

Software of LED illuminated smart mirrors

Normally, the LED smart bathroom mirror is powered by an Android system or Windows. Vercon smart mirror not just with LED light, but also the latest Android system. Furthermore, it loads with all kinds of smart applications, such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Facebook…

Thanks to these Apps on the mirror, it enables the led smart bathroom mirror to provide all kinds of online news to the users, helping them get prepared for the day. In the evening, the LED vanity smart mirror provides comfortable light for customers and helps them enjoy their favorite multi-media on the mirror.

It’s such a convenient way to control your smart home devices on the LED smart mirror; smart home automation is the new luxury style of the modern home. The smart LED mirror easily controls your water heater in the bathroom, you can even check your home security in the bathroom.

Advantages of LED Smart Bathroom Mirrors

Smart Mirror, Smart Bathroom, Smarter Life!

The upgraded mirror – Smart Led Bathroom Mirror. Why did we call it an upgraded mirror? If we look back on the history of mirrors, it started from polished metal mirrors to the coated glass mirror, and the LED glass mirror today, it keeps growing.

If you believe the glass-led mirror is the ultimate mirror, you are wrong! All the home appliances and products upgraded from single-function to multi-function style. The mirror is going to be upgraded from a non-function one to a smart mirror by the end.

But, why smart LED bathroom mirrors will be the 1st choice of future bathrooms? Let’s find out some of the reasons below

Enhanced Lighting

The LED light built-in smart bathroom mirror lasts longer. Low consumption and long life-spam, which is the advantage of LED in the smart mirror.

If you compare the LED lighting on the mirror and outsourcing lighting, the mirror with LED only uses 10% electricity of the outsourcing light.

Adjustable lighting on the smart mirror is another important feature. On traditional mirrors, you can only turn on or off the mirror by physical buttons. With the development of technology, there are some adjustable LED mirrors in the market, but only 3 colors and limited brightness are available.

The LED smart bathroom mirror supports infinitely adjustable LED lighting.

What do you infinitely adjustment? It means you can adjust the LED light by touching the screen on the mirror. Just like you adjust the brightness of your tablet or smartphone, you can change to any statue as you want to.

What an amazing function, if you can change the LED on the mirror in a smart way. You can choose any color, and any brightness, and easily find the correct color and brightness to match your mood.

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is one of the most important features for today’s customers. Smart LED mirror contributes huge savings to the sanitary space.

According to the investigation, the LED smart mirror saves 90% of electricity due to its energy-saving structure and energy management solution.

More importantly, the smart solutions on the smart mirror are not just for LED. Thanks to the Android system, it allows smart mirrors in the bathroom to control the devices in the bathroom. For example, the smart mirror could turn on the LED light while the customer walks closely, and turns off while walking away.

The smart mirror system detects customer arrives home, turns on the water heater automatically, and sets the suitable temperature. Instead of waiting, customer can enjoy their shower while back home immediately.

More magic functions on the mirror waiting for you to explore.

Technology and Features

On-Mirror Touch Control: the smart LED bathroom mirror supports all the controls on the touch screen. It is just like adjusting the brightness of the touch screen, using your finger to touch the mirror surface, the LED light is adjusted as you want.

All these are thanks to the Android-based operation system, which is developed by Vercon Technology.

Integrated Bluetooth Speakers

The Bluetooth speakers integrated into the smart mirror, which active the mirror into a multi-media platform.

Vercon LED smart mirror, with 2 HiFi speakers integrated, on the back side of the mirror. You can either play the media on the mirror, which is connected by WiFi. On the other hand, the smart mirror supports Bluetooth connection with a smart smartphone or smart tablet.

Defogger Functionality

Never worry about the fog mirror after a shower. We understand the old-generation defog mirror, which uses the heat back panel to defog.

Compared with traditional mirrors, LED smart mirrors consider the humid conditions in the bathroom. It adopts the latest heat transfer technology transmits the heat to the surface of mirror glass, and defog automatically.

This is the greenest way of the energy-saving method, which provides a reliable quality smart LED mirror.


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