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Smart Beauty Mirror’s Current Situation and Forecast.

Smart beauty mirrors are a new type of beauty product that mainly targets women’s makeup and skincare issues. It provides personalized and precise beauty guidance.

We would like to analyze and discuss the current status of the functions and technological applications of existing intelligent beauty mirrors in the market. At the same time, through research and analysis of relevant advanced technologies in China and Overseas. We hope to find out about the future development of beauty smart mirrors.

Why Women Need a smart mirror for beauty.

Today, it’s essential for urban women to have elegant and appropriate makeup. After all, makeup not only grants beauty and confidence but also creates important opportunities. However, for most makeup novices, the actual results often fall short of expectations.

Based on these, the a demand for smart mirrors, specially intelligent makeup mirrors. To utilize the latest technologies to address the pain of makeup, help us women have easy and pleasurable cosmetic trips.

VR tryon smart beauty mirror

The Current Situation of Smart Beauty Mirror.

With the technologies of the Internet of Things era, the concept of “screens” is appearing more frequently.

Due to space constraints in home environments, people are integrating “screens” into “mirrors” to maximize space utilization. As marketing research shows, 75% of women spend over 25 mins with cosmetic mirrors. It proves that the beauty mirror is an indispensable tool for makeup or beauty application.

Therefore, smart beauty mirror suppliers prefer to integrate smart mirrors with the latest marketing strategies.

By integrating intelligence into the mirror, it has evolved beyond a simple tool for observing one’s appearance and adjusting attire. Smart beauty mirror can now play skincare and makeup tutorial videos, and assist with makeup trials. Of course, it provides lighting, and analyzes skin conditions, becoming a “ideal makeup assistant.”

The beauty mirrors currently available on the market can be classified into two types based on their functions.

The first type is Smart AR makeup mirrors used in major beauty stores for makeup trials and skin analysis. Such as L’Oréal’s ModiFace Mirror HD.

The second one is home-smart beauty mirrors. It can adjust lighting and play tutorials, such as VERCON’s Times smart beauty mirror.

Smart AR Beauty Mirror:

Due to their convenience, hygiene, traffic-driving capabilities, and cost-reducing features. AR makeup mirrors are very popular in large beauty stores in first- and second-tier cities.

These mirrors have powerful makeup trial and skin analysis functions. For example, customers only need to face the mirror and select their desired makeup products. The mirror can then apply virtual makeup by automatically recognizing the position and contours of the eyes and lips.

Alternatively, customers can choose intelligent skin analysis. The beauty smart mirror with a built-in high-definition camera, uses 3D skin imaging analysis technology combined with 4D image collection. It quickly generates a clear data analysis report to recommend the most suitable skincare products.

More Functions of AR Smart Beauty Mirror

smart beauty mirror with Personalized Beauty Recommendations

Among them, the makeup trial function includes a certain number of makeup templates.

It uses facial recognition technology to collect users’ facial features. It also detects key facial points within the identified facial area, and preset scenes with simulated on-site lighting. This allows users to preview various specific makeup effects while in a bare-faced state.

This Clever skin analysis uses AI technology to detect skin conditions in multiple dimensions. The clever beauty mirror understands skin details and obtains skin quality information to provide more scientific skincare solutions.

For example, the PhotoAgeClock algorithm first identifies the face to determine the age. Then assesses the skin condition around the eyes to judge the body’s aging degree. Lastly recommending truly suitable and effective skincare products to consumers.

This technology helps consumers avoid the risk of cross-infection and eliminates the need for applying and removing makeup. It reduces communication time between consumers and physical stores and lowers the product return rate.

It effectively challenges traditional verbal sales methods by providing consumers with a real-life experience. It leads a fast purchasing method, using precise and scientific data as the foundation for intelligent beauty marketing.

This enhances the sales efficiency of physical stores.

Smart Home Beauty Mirror

Women care about 2 things of home beauty procedures: “difficulty in gauging makeup intensity due to poor lighting”. Another worry is “looking at both sides of the phone mirror.” Thus, focusing on the mirror screen to address these pain points has become the market choice.

The smart beauty mirror perfectly solves the issue of finding a suitable light source at home. With it itself is a light source. The smart beauty mirror can integrate environmental data to produce suitable “beauty light.” It uses a surrounding LED fill light to create a complete circular light source.

This light source can adjust the mirror’s color temperature and brightness based on the user’s lighting control commands. This amazing smart beauty mirror creates a soft, non-glare makeup environment, allowing users to apply an even and smooth foundation.

Furthermore, regarding the “looking at both sides of the phone mirror” issue. This smart beauty mirror screen directly makes the mirror screen the content source.

Consumers can learn makeup and skincare techniques or tutorials directly from the mirror. Based on AI facial technology, it recommends suitable tutorial videos to consumers. Such a big help that it combines the functionality of a mirrored surface and a display screen.

Limitations of Existing Smart Beauty Mirrors

Although the market for smart beauty mirrors has already developed, not all households or beauty stores will purchase them.

As a category of smart home devices, smart beauty mirrors are particularly underappreciated in many small cities. Where people are either unwilling to buy them or unaware of their existence. For these consumers, existing products can already serve as substitutes. They believe it’s unnecessary to invest in a potentially costly new product.

To fully penetrate the smart beauty mirror market, it is necessary to extend beyond the traditional home setup, integrating personalized services that leverage the unique characteristics of mirrors.

The smart beauty mirror impression should go beyond the current functions. Known as “providing lighting, makeup trials, and skin analysis for urban women. More than that it should delve into various specialized, efficient, even more comprehensive fields.

Most smart beauty mirrors on the market today only achieve the makeup trial step in “solving makeup problems.” Only a few, such as Times Smart beauty by Vercon, have progressed to the skincare tutorial stage.

However, addressing the issue of poorly applied makeup requires more than just helping users choose suitable makeup styles; it necessitates instructional guidance. Current teaching methods remain limited to pre-recorded videos that lack specificity. Such instructional content is readily available through various beauty video apps, deterring some makeup novices from purchasing smart beauty mirrors.

Conceptual Design of Smart Beauty Mirrors Guided by New Technologies

AI Smart Beauty Mirror

AI smart beauty mirror encompasses various technologies such as robotics, voice control, image recognition, deep learning, and AI algorithms.

They empower the beauty industry to not only optimize user experiences but also inject new vitality into the makeup sector. The beauty industry is poised to make new breakthroughs, redefining the beauty industry with AI. Although the new model of AI + beauty has not yet become widespread. Many companies are actively experimenting with creating intelligent beauty products centered around artificial intelligence.

Examples include the collaboration between L’Oréal Group and Facebook to develop a virtual makeup try-on system. AI skin analysis by Meitu Makeup, CoverGirl, a cosmetics brand under Coty Group, launching a chatbot. L’Oréal and launching an AI skincare assistant integrated with smart speakers.

AR Smart Beauty Mirror

AR overlays virtual information onto a specific location based on a recognized object. It allows real-time interaction with virtual information to enhance visual effects. In recent years, AR technology has garnered widespread attention from academia and industry. It is rapidly advancing in hardware devices, tracking accuracy, and virtual-to-real synthesis.

The application of AR technology in makeup primarily manifests in virtual makeup trials, which have reshaped the makeup marketing model. Vercon, a leading smart mirror supplier, concluded from data provided by 75 beauty retailers and brands. All based on AR technology, the average offline sales growth rate for brands and retailers was 84%, with interaction time increasing by 117%.

Independent research firm Intagc surveyed the shopping behavior and history of 25,000 female consumers aged 15 to 69 in Japan. The results showed that in Japan, the conversion rate of AR makeup app users was 1.6 times that of non-app users, and their spending was 2.7 times higher than non-app users. It’s evident that AR technology has brought new models and experiences to the beauty industry.

Currently, many companies are adopting this technology, opening up new marketing strategies in brand upgrading and communication with consumers. For instance, L’Oréal Group launched its first mobile terminal digital product, “Qian Zhuang Magic Mirror,” which utilizes AR technology to showcase makeup trial effects.

Estée Lauder collaborated with a Canadian AR technology company to introduce a makeup trial camera. French beauty retail giant Sephora sells virtual makeup mirrors “Tap and Try” globally. AR makeup trial technology is being valued and favored by major brands and retailers.

Concept of Smart Beauty Mirror

VR Try-on smart beauty mirror

The smart beauty mirror, in addition to presenting users’ appearances, will also feature makeup trial functionality. Users can choose from a vast library of makeup templates, allowing for specific makeup combinations, as well as the option for users to customize their makeup looks.

VR Cosmetic Smart Mirror

To achieve more personalized services, smart beauty mirrors will build a database with a large number of templates, pairing different combinations of facial features, skin tones, outfits, and occasions to generate several makeup choices that match the user’s preferences. Once the user selects a makeup effect, the simulation guidance process begins.

The prospects for smart beauty mirrors

As women increasingly participate in various fields such as politics, economy, and culture, their attention to their demands has also grown.

More and more women are focusing on asserting their authority over their outward appearance. The makeup smart mirror, as an essential tool for women’s makeup, is now empowered by technology, providing women with novel and unique makeup experiences.

The market for smart beauty mirrors is vast, currently, their applications extend beyond just household usage. They are also effectively utilized in retail stores and beauty shops.

It is believed that in the future, smart beauty mirrors will have even more diverse functions and will appear in more related fields.


While current smart beauty mirrors have addressed issues like poor lighting and makeup design, they are still in the early stages of solving the problem of “lack of guidance.” Future smart beauty mirrors can break through the traditional model of vague makeup tutorials and achieve realistic, navigational design and guidance. From intelligent makeup design to “hand-holding” guidance, combined with intuitive voice prompts, simple step-by-step tutorials will become the norm, facilitating comprehensive makeup learning experiences.


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