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Smart Mirror With Voice Control

The 28th China International Kitchen/Bathroom Facilities Exhibition(KBC)opened in Shanghai.

Guangzhou Vercon Technology from Science City Guangzhou, along with its brand “VERCON”, made an appearance. Its independently developed 3D intelligent beauty mirror cabinets, intelligent bathroom management systems, and bathroom smart mirrors were widely welcomed in the KBC.

Functions of Smart Mirrors

Vercon Smart Mirrors has various magic functions, let’s introduce them one by one:

Integrated LED light:

LED mirror is not a novel product, why is smart LED mirror a new product? Firstly, the smart mirror LED is controlled through a touch on the mirror.

The LED mirrors we have seen adjust the lighting through physical buttons. The smart mirror LED light is controlled through a touch screen, which is simpler and more comfortable.

Secondly, traditional LED mirrors only support monochrome or tricolor conditions. It allows you to intelligently and monotonically choose one color or one of three colors. The smart LED mirror supports infinite adjustment, which means you can choose any color you like from 3500K to 6000K.

This is a beautiful and practical feature. You can freely choose your favorite color LED light to decorate your bathroom space

Built-in Touch Screen:

What? Can the mirror be touchable? What is the meaning of touch? I believe this is the first question that many consumers think of.

Yes, implanting a touch screen in the mirror makes your mirror with screen a wonderful structure. Our traditional mirrors are all cold glass, but after implanting a touch screen in the mirror, your mirror becomes a “living mirror”

The living mirror is no longer a simple reflection in your daily use but responds to your instructions, which will become your bathroom partner mirror.

WiFi connected

If the smart mirror is a Superman, then the WIFI connection is his source of ability. Through a WIFI connection, this WIFI smart mirror can continuously access new information, videos, entertainment, and other resources.

A smart mirror with a WIFI link is no longer just a reflection mirror, but a window that opens your bathroom and connects to the entire external world

Android-based system

If WiFi is the blood of smart mirrors, then an Android-based system is the soul of a smart mirror.

It is precisely because of the smart system that magic mirrors have the possibility of magic, and interactive systems have the foundation for magic mirror interaction.

In addition, the smart system mirror is like a platform that can load various smart apps, allowing us to achieve many magical functions on the mirror, which traditional magic mirrors cannot have.

Voice Control of Smart Mirror

Voice control, with the development of AI technology, voice interaction is constantly emerging in various products.

The voice-controlled magic mirror allowed the magic mirror in Snow White’s story to truly step out of the phone and become a reality.
Imagine that a voice-controlled mirror can provide accurate feedback and execution of your commands, and you will become the queen of your bathroom space

The Voice Control Smart Mirror Supports Different Voice Solutions.

At present, many voice control options dominate the market, and mainstream voice control includes the following:

Alexa Voice Control Smart Mirror

About Alexa Voice Control

As early as 2014, Amazon launched Alexa. Initially, users could only use Alexa voice assistants for simple tasks such as playing music, and setting timers, and alarms. With continuous iteration, Alexa gradually became available for controlling smart homes, watching videos and TV programs, shopping, and even reading bedtime stories to children.

Paired with Echo smart speakers, a new computing platform for voice control is also on the horizon. In order to truly implement voice control, Amazon even launched Alexa Skills. Just as the massive number of applications in the Apple App Store has expanded the iPhone’s usage scenarios, Amazon also hopes to use Alexa Skills to enable Alexa voice assistants to perform more diverse tasks.

Alexa Voice Control Smart Mirror

By integrating Alexa into the smart mirror, use voice to control the speaker to play a song or check the weather. We can use voice interaction to do more things, such as smart TV, Internet cars, and other scenes. If all household appliances and devices are connected to the internet and controlled through voice interaction, this is the smart home solution we want. Yes, Amazon has already led the market.

Google Home Voice Control Smart Mirror

Google Smart Assistant is a virtual assistant equipped with artificial intelligence, which Google believes is mainly used to provide mobile and smart home devices. Google Smart Assistant can have two-way conversations.

Google Smart Assistant first made its debut in May 2016 as part of the Google messaging application Allo and its voice-activated speaker Google Home. After a period of exclusive sales of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, it began deploying on other Android devices in February 2017, including third-party smartphones and Android Wear and was released as a standalone application on the iOS operating system in May.

With the release of software development kits in April 2017, the assistant has been and is further expanding to support various devices, including automobiles and smart home appliances. Third-party developers can also enhance the functionality of the “assistant”.

Users mainly interact with Google Smart Assistant through natural voice but also support keyboard input. With the same nature and way as Google, Smart Assistants can search the Internet, arrange events and alerts, adjust hardware settings on users’ devices, and display information about users’ Google accounts.

Google also announced that smart assistants will be able to recognize objects and collect visual information through the device’s camera, and support purchasing products and making payments, as well as identifying songs.

Google Voice Control Smart Mirror

Google Voice Control brings the powerful features of Android into smart mirrors with built-in Google Assistant. It gathers the essence of Android and has built-in new applications that have been redesigned. Based on this, Google Voice empowers the smart mirror functions with this new technology.

The Good things of Smart Voice control Mirror

The reason smart voice control mirrors are highly welcomed, is due to it’s unique functions.


Users can control smart devices on the mirror screen through simple voice commands, without the need for physical contact or the use of mobile devices, which greatly improves the convenience of operation.

Accessible operation:

For people with limited mobility or vision, voice control provides a more user-friendly interface. The magic mirror allowing them to control smart devices at home more autonomously.

Improving quality of life:

The ability to easily control lighting, temperature, media playback, and other functions enhances the experience of home automation. The smart mirror enhances the comfort and convenience of living.

Integration and Compatibility:

Most smart home platforms support voice control and are compatible with multiple brands and devices. It allows users to control all smart home devices through a single interface.


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