what is smart mirror technology

Introduction of smart mirror technology

Smart mirror technology adopts advanced technology of vacuum magnetron reactive sputtering and is treated by mirror reflection on the surface of the glass.

It is mainly used for intelligent car rearview mirrors, mobile phone screens, media advertising machines, holographic projection, phantom imaging, and high-end TV panels.

Mirror glass forms a mirror effect without a backlight and is used as a mirror; In the presence of a backlight, a clear image is displayed. That's why the smart mirror could be easily switched between the regular mirror and the smart one.

Smart Mirror Technology Development History

smart mirror technology

In the 2010s, a company in the USA developed a technology that can manufacture flexible glass similar to printed wallpaper.

This flexible glass can be used as a touch surface with computer functionality. In theory, any surface, from the refrigerator door to the kitchen countertop to the entire wall, can be transformed into a smart touch display, just like an iPad screen.

This is the beginning of smart mirrors.

Microsoft Smart Mirror Technology

Microsoft developed its magic mirror for your kitchen in 2016.

Researchers from Microsoft have produced some videos to demonstrate future technological smart mirror developments. In a video that Microsoft calls "Microsoft's Outlook for the Future" in just over 4 minutes. You can see Microsoft's depiction of future kitchen technology.

The kitchen inside is elegant and beautiful. More importantly, the interaction between people and household technology.

The computers and technology have disappeared from the desktop and cabinet doors, and even integrated into the refrigerator.

Future of smart mirror technology

With the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technology and the deepening development of home intelligence. The smart mirror technology will become increasingly diverse, also with wide application scenarios

In the future, smart mirrors may become core devices in multiple fields. Such as home health management, smart home control, and remote education.

Meanwhile, with the increasing attention of users to privacy protection and data security. Smart mirrors will also face greater challenges and opportunities in ensuring user data security.


As a major highlight of the trend towards home intelligence, smart mirrors are gradually changing our way of life.

It improves the convenience and comfort of life and makes our lives more intelligent and personalized.

With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, we believe that intelligent magic mirror technology will bring us more surprises and convenience in the future.