Vercon Smart Mirror Reviews Raising From NAHB IBS 2023


Vercon Smart Mirror Reviews

Real Vercon Smart Mirror Reviews From The Closed NAHB IBS 2023. 15 days ago, Vercon showed new features of the smart mirror product series at the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) 2023 in Las Vegas. Through the show, our products got many positive reviews. Vercon guys will go further along with the road of smart mirrors.

Let’s see the spot reviews from the YouTube live stream of Bob Swan, the boss of Swan Realty:

When I saw firstly this product, I thought, “Who needs and Android Tablet built into their bathroom mirror?” but then I thought, if I had it would I use it? and the answer was, ” Absolutely I would” . I have Alexa’s all over my house for music, this is just a step up from Alexa. Now the music will also be accompanied by video, or anything else I want to watch on YouTube or I can access any other Android app functions, Spotify, Facebook, Audible, whatever you want. The mirrors themselves are very stylish and have an always on clock tastefully built into the bottom corner so you always know time it is when you jump out of the shower and are running late. The company is based in China and at this time they do not have a US distributer.

Rob Swan
21.5″ Android Tablet Built Into A Mirror – How Cool!, NAHB 2023, Rob Swan, Swan Realty

It’s really an amazing product show for Guangzhou Vercon Technology. The IBS 2023 show attracted about 70,000 professionals from the building industry all over the world. After the show, we made statistical data sourcing from our booth visitors and inquiries received.

The business cooperation intentions were from:

1People hoping to improve their home comfort
2Home builders
3Architectural designers
4Interior designers
5Bathroom designers
6Project Manager in house renovation companies
7Project Manager in home decoration companies
8Suppliers of sanitary ware wholesale
9Suppliers of bathroom hardware
10Clothes shopkeepers
11Gym owners

Actually, it’s the second time Vercon showed smart mirror products in NAHB IBS since Jan 2020. Compared to the 1st time, this time we made better preparation. The most important thing is: After 3 years of concentrated study and development, our smart mirrors have gone to a very mature product series. Better hardware and software!

OTA Firmware Updates is becoming the main firmware updates method for all Vercon smart mirrors.

Let’s see the Vercon smart mirror reviews from Shannon Ballard’s LinkedIn. Shannon is the Custom Experience Leader in Jan Kelley. Jan Kelley is a fully independent, 100% Canadian-owned creative digital agency.

IBS showcases new and innovative. There was a designated area for ‘new products’ and a ‘start up zone’. We especially loved Viewrail floating stairs, the new Helix wine rack from VintageView Europe, the interior treatments showcased by Thermory, the Vercon Smart Mirror digital mirrors and that KORU unveiled their new prototype modular home.

Shannon Ballard
The reviews to Vercon smart mirror from Shannon Ballard in Jan Kelley
The reviews to Vercon smart mirror from Shannon Ballard in Jan Kelley

About IBS

IBS is the largest annual light construction show in the world. Beginning in 2014, IBS has co-located with the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show® (KBIS) to found Design & Construction Week® (DCW). In 2023, this mega-event will bring together builders, general contractors, remodelers, product specifiers and building industry distributors and wholesalers from around the globe, as well as professionals in all fields related to and working within home building.

To meet the needs of our global audience, the show features exhibitors, products and materials involved in all types of buildings—including wood, concrete, stone and brick. We also hold education sessions focusing on the latest developments in areas such as green building, concrete forms, modular and panel buildings, and multifamily housing, as well as housing financing, sales, marketing and decorating. As a result, IBS is the ideal opportunity for people around the world involved in home building to get the most up-to-date insights on products in over 200 construction categories, from flooring, windows and doors, to kitchen, bath, home technology, and building processes.
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