Custom Bathroom Mirror Flexible Production Service

Custom Bathroom Mirror Flexible Production Service

Recently we received some new feedback on the custom bathroom mirror. Below we will make a brief introduction to it.

We are producing two series of smart bathroom mirrors: The Android 11 Backlit Smart Bathroom Mirror (It’s called the “K” series” inside Vercon) and The Smart Mirror TV Bathroom (It’s called the “S” series). The items in both series are keeping regular round or rectangle shapes, which vary in dimensions.

The “K” series (Android 11 Backlit Smart Bathroom Mirror)
The S series (Smart Mirror TV Bathroom)

With distinctive appearance features that originate from different design ideas, they are for different buyers. In the “S” series, all the mirrors are rectangular. In the “K” series, there are round and rectangular mirrors both.

The modular design of the “K” series

The All-in-one design of the “S” series

How can we produce a custom bathroom mirror for you?

The mirror’s size and shape

In the “K” series, currently, there are 7 items of different sizes covering round shapes and rectangles. We can produce more sizes upon clients’ needings. As the “K” series takes a modular design, the fastest production time for a custom bathroom mirror (New size) is 7 days.

On the other side, for the “S” series, the fastest production time for mirrors with a new size is 15 days.

The user language

For now, there are more than 14 user languages like English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, etc. We can translate more languages according to clients’ needs.

The Custom apps

Unlike the most commonly-used smartphone, the flash for a wall-mounted smart bathroom mirror is generally limited to 2 GB RAM / 16 GB ROM or 4 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM or higher. To make sure of a fluent system, we make the smart mirror a closed system with a dedicated motherboard and firmware. In the dedicated system, we generally pre-set some useful smart home apps for the users to choose from and install them. A user can’t install any apps he or she wants. That’s a big difference from the smartphone.

From our client’s feedback, the closed system works fine in end users’ homes. The system and the hardware brought a very good user experience and long service life.

However, for bulk orders, we can still install the client’s APK in a custom bathroom mirror after an APK test.

The default apps for our smart bathroom mirrors: Amazon shop, NBA, ESPN sports news, Spotify music, here map…

The boot logo

Boot logo for custom bathroom mirror. Two places to show a customized logo:

1. Show the logo on a welcome page. We can replace the “smart mirror” with another word or logo.

2. Show the logo on the position of the power on/off button at the screen bottom.