FAQ About Video Intercom System In Vercon Smart Mirror

Video Intercom is not a new technology. However, we are making it more Smart and Compact by integrating a Video Intercom System in Vercon smart mirror.

What is a video intercom?

A smart video intercom system is a type of one-way or two-way door communication system with a camera in the device. It’s for managing access to a building. Nowadays, it’s more and more applied to the smart house central hub technology that brings everything together.

Do you have smart mirror with intercom?

Vercon smart mirror can be installed with an intercom system to use, to achieve video intercom, here in China, we already cooperated with some famous real estate to do several projects of building management for building security.

How does Vercon mirror integrate with the intercom?

If you need a smart mirror integrated with the intercom system, first we hope you can share with us which intercom system you use. If the intercom access control system is from China, then it would be easy and convenient for us to test and debug; If not, then we need you to provide the relevant APK of the intercom access control system or other information. As long as we know your intercom system, our technical team will test and debug it, it involves a double network, echo cancellation, and so on.

However, if you don’t have a special intercom service provider, then for all those just at the initial stage of contact, the project of integrating the intercom system will take at least two years.

If we have a security mirror can we integrate it with the intercom already?

If you need a smart home security mirror with an intercom already, we need to know your intercom system first, pls note that we are not offering software or a smart home solution system, just an android system with a smart mirror.

For the security mirror, how do you connect to the intercom? Is it via cat6?

Two of them are connected by a protocol.

Do the mirrors need to be in a single network or they can be in different networks for the intercom to work?

They’re connected via wired LAN. Our smart home security mirror belongs to an application terminal. To realize the intercom, we need a related APP. And we need you to provide us with the intercom system for debugging.

Do you have a system diagram? Can you send us a wiring Diagram of the mirror and intercom system?

We don’t have a system diagram, unless we provide a complete intercom system, for this part we need to cooperate with the intercom provider to get more info…

Can this be interfaced with the Lobby telephone?

Yeah, in each room, or lobby, you can link or/connect. For building, each condo unit has a smart mirror. The lobby has an intercom that can call each unit’s smart mirror.

Does it need an internet connection for the intercom to work?

yes, smart home security mirrors need an internet connection for the intercom to work, and mainly via wired LAN.

In the end, to achieve the intercom function of a smart mirror, there are still many details to discuss, if you have a project, no matter whether near-term or long-term, welcome to consult us for more information.