About Home Automation Platform IP-BLiS


An important IoT standard will lead to a mature commercial Home Automation Platform IP-BLiS for all players

New home automation platform platform IP-BLiS is becoming the most important standard for building automation. The development of Smart Home is speeding as foundation technology under it are also speeding their development in recent years. To build a future commercial IoT platform based on hardware IP address, KNX, BACnet, OCF, Thread Group and Zigbee join in IP-BLiS alliance.

What’s the home automation platform IP-BLiS?

You can also click IP-BLiS introduction in OpenConnectivity.org to read the technical introduction to IP-BLiS. However, in this article, we will try to avoid complex technology content and give a simple introduction for readers.

IP-Building and Lighting Standards (IP-BLiS) is an innovative party union that combined existing organizations that are dedicated to pushing a safe and efficient IoT platform based on IP infrastructure.

As we know, a big headache for worldwide users and construction organizations is that there are too many IoT standards raised by different technology alliances. It’s a big challenge for any user as the cost is huge to build a network with available hardware. We need to connect energy, lights, TV, monitor and other household devices more simply and efficiently. Connecting devices in the same IP-based IT network is absolutely a much more simple solution.

Instead of existing technology alliances like KNX, Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc, the home automation platform IP-BLiS is an absolutely exciting next-generation standard.

IP is the future

IP is the future for IoT and home automation. Home automation platform IP-BLiS will be the most important alliance and standard for all home automation hardware manufacturers.

To overcome these obstacles, members of the IP-BLiS intend to integrate lighting control and building management systems with IT networks by using secure all IP-based configurations. This will allow access to data from various building systems through a single IP address.

This approach has several advantages. Hardware-based gateways become unnecessary as various devices across the widest variety of systems can communicate over a single secure IP connection, and it will become easier to seamlessly integrate IoT products into existing smart buildings. In addition, IP-based approaches will significantly reduce effort and cost while increasing security, making smart building projects more scalable.

Through worldwide marketing and communication measures, IP-BLiS will enlighten the building automation market about the use of IP-based solutions, identify the security requirements required in different regions, and further influence legislation to increase adoption. Companies wishing to support the goals of IP-BLiS can participate by becoming a member of one of the participating organizations. That’s why we can call it a future home automation platform IP-BLiS.

However, as there are so many mature standard organizations like KNX alliance, Zigbee alliance, etc, it will need a relatively long time for the IP-BLiS standard to overcome all existing standards. For Smart Home hardware manufacturers and hardware integrators, it’s very necessary to keep tracking new standards and new technology. At the same time, we need to choose the best hardware product to build a home automation system. Vercon Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel X1 is a 2022 new product. Unlike traditional plastic control panels, it’s an amazing All-in-one smart mirror panel.

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